Redwatch Special Report

The Mark Thomas Gang of lefties

This gang of pinko retards do not fit into any particular geographical area as they live mostly on the internet and are based all over the place

They certainly get up to a lot of mayhem though!


Mark Thomas (below). Fat abusive stand up comedian and hard left activist. In the words of the great nonce, Gary Glitter: "Do you want to be in my gang, my gang".  Well, Thomas fancies himself as a comedian but he is not at all funny, in fact all he does really is see how many times he can say the word 'fuck' with respect to certain politicians and captains of industry.

He was recently dropped by Channel 4 ('Mark Thomas Comedy Product' - name changed for the last series to just the 'Mark Thomas Product' because, as we said, he is not at all funny. Channel 4 have now booted him out altogether because no one ever bothered to watch the foul mouthed dickhead's programmes.

Just to prove what a complete traitorous jerk he is, in one of his recent trashy columns in the Marxist 'New Statesman', he announced that he was putting a contract out on the life of President George Bush for being a war criminal. In his next column, the fool moaned about how the US Secret Service suddenly seemed to be taking a keen interest in him. Well what did the idiot expect, hey? With three (or is it four?) assassinated presidents, the Americans are understandably somewhat jumpy about people putting contracts out on the life of President Bush!

Thomas has a gang of disciples who think the sun shines out of his obese backside. They will do absolutely anything for him, even jump off a cliff if he told them to, probably. He tells them all to buy a single share in a company like Balfour Beatty which he hates as they were involved in a project to build a damn in Iran or somewhere like that which he reckoned would displace a load of Kurds. He would then instruct his gang to all use their one share to get into the AGM of Balfour Beatty or whoever, where they would delight in trashing the meeting until they were inevitable ejected.

He campaigns against the state in general and particular against places like the Menwith Hill monitoring station which exists for our national security. They often have demos outside military bases and are particularly anti DERA, the Government weapons research agency.

There is an internet discussion group called, unsurprisingly, the Mark Thomas mailing list. This was set up by the lefty Sunday Times 'Doors' section columnist, Danny O'Brien, who lives in Santa Clara, California with his wife and her 'other lover' , a John 'green' Gilbert, in a perverted troilistic arrangement which she refers to 'polyamory' (well she would, wouldn't she? – being a two-timing Californian 'new-agey' spoilt bimbo). Perhaps she needs a 'lifestyle consultant' like Cherie Blair has? She is pregnant right now but has no idea which of these two excuses for men is the father and won't know until after the brat is born in the new year. The tedious utterly self-obsessed female writes an incredibly boring on-line diary called a 'blog' which is mind-numbingly dull. She really does think that the sun shines out her own jaxzy. She is ONE person in this motley gang who does NOT worship Mark Thomas, as she is far too busy worshipping herself!.

The Mark Thomas discussion group has about 200 rabid Mark Thomas devotees from around the world but mostly self confessed heroin abusing British intellectual drop outs.

The group members used to turn up as unpaid researchers and extras on Thomas's trashy programmes. Nothing is too much trouble for Mark, whom they worship like the Messiah. Because Thomas is something of a troublemaker, they believe that they, too, can do what the hell they like as a stunt in the name of Mark Thomas and so they do. They are never happier then when they are threatening peoples families, stealing their mail, arranging for them to be sent unwanted merchandise etc. and generally destroying peoples lives and careers. All in Mark Thomas's name of course.


Stephen Kennedy (below). Flat 2, 43 Howitt Road, London NW3 4LU, 0207483 1169,  (c.v.full skof lies at This arrogant supercilious wanker is the 'owner' of the Mark Thomas mailing list. He is a middle manager at Demon Internet and has the grand job title of 'manager of the technology futures of paperclips' or something similar. He does sweet F.A. all day except deal with all the 'bounce backs' which his 200 plus postings a day mailing list generates. He is also at his happiest when he is orchestrating the trashing of someone's life. He deliberate provokes people to the limit and then runs to the police to complain about them. The police always ignore the prick as they know what an 'agent provocateur' he is.

Whenever the Demon servers fall over, (which they frequently do), Kennedy pops up in the computer trade press, where he invariably blames the rubbishy Demon service on their users whom he claims are relaying mail i.e. spamming!  Why anyone actually would actually want to be a customer of Demon does rather surprise us, but it takes all sorts, I suppose! One person who will NEVER be a Demon customer probably is Carol Vorderman, who goes on continuously in the 'News of the World' about what a trashy company Demon is for consistently refusing to do anything at all about the utterly huge number of paedophiles hanging around in their chat rooms.

Demon continuously tries to claim that Kennedy's site,, is nothing to do with them even though a traceroute clearly shows that it lives on a Demon server! Still, when has that company ever told the truth about anything or shown any sense of social responsibility whatsoever?


On Kennedy's server, are to be found assorted queers such as Stephen Fry, the actor, and a guy called James Coates (right, in drag!) ( who writes on his perverted site such charming things as: 'Buggery was rife at Hereford Cathedral School but I never found any so I want my money back'. He writes a totally anal obsessed online diary which is full of very graphic accounts of his sexual adventures with young French boys and very little else really. He refers to himself as a 'slut' and indeed he is. An absolutely disgusting pervert.


Julie-ann Davies. This member of the Thomas / Kennedy gang fancies herself as a shit-hot lefty investigative journalist but, in fact, her only claim to fame is her friendship with the disgraced traitor, David Shayler, who is languishing in a prison right now for betraying his country and putting the lives of a large number of British agents at risk . Well she ALSO put lives at risk probably when she posted the infamous CX document, which Shayler gave her, to a lefty internet government conspiracy website called
This document was claimed by Shayler to prove that the British Government was involved in a plot to kill Quadaffi. So what, we say? Good idea to slot the terrorists' paymaster and general madman anyway we reckon! She had her fifteen minutes of fame when she was arrested by Special Branch under the Official Secrets Act but she was not charged. As a Special Branch officer tellingly said to me once: 'She thinks she is a player'. Quite.


Rochelle Harris. Bolshy lefty civil rights wannabe lawyer (she thinks pinko John Wadham of 'Liberty (for lefties)' is God probably? (He's not, he's a Commie dickhead) Involved with MOJO, an organisation which reckons that all the lefties in prison were wrongly convicted. Er yes, quite Rochelle!


Dave Parks. Leader of Exeter Anarchists (or whatever they are calling themselves this week). He boasted on the web about how he was the organiser of anti-war demos outside Lypmstone Marine Base. Those brave warriors risk their lives for ungrateful pinko traitorous scum like him.

[We will be doing an in-depth report on this nest of South West anarchists very soon.]


Jeff Parks: 1, Sand Street, Milverton, Taunton. Claims to be unrelated to Dave Parks, but we don't believe him somehow! A general lefty troublemaker. Calls himself Winjer and fancies himself as a musician. Parks was involved in a campaign to get has-been singer John Otway into the charts as a 50th birthday present recently. This involved urging everyone to buy up every copy of Otway's 'bunsen burner' they could find. They got him to number 9 in the charts. Idiots! Wonder what they are doing with the garages full  of Otway CD?s then? Enjoys setting up websites to trash people lives.

Loz Pycock.  ( There's a silly name for a start! He enjoys posting tons of lefty nonsense to newsgroups and, being the sick little turd that he is, he particularly likes winding up very distressed people on A wind up merchant of the first order generally, who thinks he is oh so clever. He is not. He is just a totally irresponsible childish idiot


Sam Bartolomei. Self confessed heroin addict and professional drop out. He lived above his father's Italian restaurant, Ninos Quatros, at 14, Prospect Street, Caversham near Reading until he was chucked out for being a professional waste of space. He likes annoying the Met Police at London Mayday riots and sending people pictures of himself standing next to riot police officers, who have nothing better to do on Mayday, of course,  then have to deal with lefty troublemakers like him. He also like threatening people while high on drugs, such that he gets his computers seized by Special Branch.
He had a sick website on which he had a load of even sicker heroin related pictures involving Sesame Street characters e.g. Elmo with a needle in his arm – 'shoot me up Elmo, watch him convulse'.  He had a picture of a spoof packet of Kellogg's Smacks which was heroin related, of course. The man is really sick


Paul Hooper. Runs the Mark Thomas website, . He calls himself Peekay and signs all his emails 'love Peekay' which makes him appear all cuddly and innocent, which he is not. He is a conniving, scheming, lefty, little troublemaking scumbag . He is currently based in London but he uses his inside knowledge from when he was working at the BT Connect internet support centre in South Wales to get hold of peoples' passwords and then stealing their emails by illegally redirecting them to accounts of his in America . Because he is an organiser of mayhem for his pal Mark Thomas, he thinks the laws of the land only apply to other people and not him. The police would like to find him so they can 'talk to him' about his criminal activities. He loves organising troublemaking 'pranks' in Mark Thomas's name.


Mike Bayliss. Eltham, South East London. Mobile 07899 735388.  He grandly calls himself a 'designer' but he actually works in MFI (unless they have sacked him by now). Fancies himself as the 'hard man' of the Mark Thomas gang and makes a big deal of being a Charlton Athletic 'boot boy' but is really at his happiest when threatening people's children and friends. A bully of the first order. Enjoys calling people 'tosser'. A very unpleasant thug indeed . Not very political unless a good punch up is in the offing. Not as bright as the other Mark Thomas clowns (who are generally quite educated, even if they often choose not to use their education). He therefore feels that he has to 'prove' himself to the gang by showing how hard he is all the time. Any one can be 'well hard' when they are threatening seven year old children, of course!


Dean Bell. 68, Cobwell Street , Retford , Notts,  DN227BW.  An overgrown punk. Works at a printing firm in Retford called RCS plc but is a professional anarchist and self confessed dopehead. He calls himself Spyder , Xpda and other variations on that rather limited theme. Favourite activities (apart from trashing people's lives) include getting high on every variety of weed known to man and then writing about it all over the net (as if anyone would be in the slightest bit interested in the stoned-out rantings of a 40 year old punk) and organising the London Mayday riots. He wants to overthrow capitalist society, even though he works for a capitalist plc but he has absolutely no idea (like the rest of those anarchists)  what exactly to replace it with.

They just want to overthrow society really. Full stop.

Do you know any of these pinko scumbags?

Any info gratefully received.