The following articles are taken from various websites, from both the right and left, in the UK that show the lie-sheet Searchlight up for what it is, a State-funded Zionist lie-sheet produced by convicted criminals solely for British Nationalists to consume in the hope that the rumourmongering contained in the rag's pages every month will spread unrest amongst the rank and file members of White Nationalist organisations.

Above: The elusive Nick Lowles, editor of Searchlies.

NB These pages are produced in order to enlighten the reader about the vile Searchlight organisation and does not necessarily mean we subscribe to all or any of individual groups' political ideals.

November 28, 1963

Magistrates are told 'there is a political background to case'  


Story of raid on an author's home

Evening Standard Reporter

Highgate magistrates were told today that there was a "political background" to a case in which three men were alleged to have posed as GPO engineers to get into the home of David Irving, author of the controversial war book Destruction of Dresden. 

Mr. Ivan Lawrence, QC, defending [*], told the Court: "This is a matter which has some political background to it. It is not a case of three young men embarking on a career of crime." 

After Det.-Con. James Morley had applied for a remand saying: "This is a serious matter and there are certain other implications involved," the three were remanded on bail until Wednesday. 
The accused are David F., 19, Electrician, of Solander Gardens, Stepney; Gerald Gable, 26, electrician of Quantock House, Lynmouth Road, Stoke Newington and Manny Carpel,20, unemployed of Downs Park Road, Dalston. 

Director stands surety

Each was allowed bail in his own recognisances of 50 with one surety of 250. Standing surety for all three were company director Leslie Jacobs, of Chatworth Road, Clapton. 

Police-Sergt. Fred Tavener said the three men, who were accused of breaking and entering, got into the home of Mr. Irving, of Alyn Court, Crescent Road, Hornsey, yesterday afternoon.He went to the house in answer to a call from Mr. Irving, who told him: "These three men say they are GPO engineers but I don't believe them." 
Eventually, Said Sergeant Taverner, the men admitted they were not GPO employees and told him they had gone to the house "with the intention of stealing documents." 
After the hearing Manny Carpel [**] said: "We are anti-Fascists but not members of any movement." He also referred to "secret documents" which he claimed were in Mr. Irving's possession. 
Mr. Jacobs said his intent in the case was "purely personal," adding that he was a friend of the three men. 
David Irving, a young historian, scored a remarkable hit with his book, The Destruction of Dresden, which drew upon German and British records to present new facts. 
An article he wrote recently for the Evening Standard on German Intelligence's pre-knowledge of the Dieppe raid also caused a considerable stir. 
At the moment he is working on the story of Peenemünde, the Nazi rocket-research station.

Lawrence QC

* Lawrence, now Sir Ivan Lawrence QC [right] was the leader of the clique of Members of Parliament who tabled an Early Day Motion under Parliamentary privilege designed to smear Mr Irving in June 1989.
Since the third of the malefactors, David F., was ultimately acquitted on a technicality and did not commit further offences against Free Speech we have omitted his full name from this site.

** Manny Carpel began however a life of crime, being imprisoned for an arson offence in 1983 and for antique furniture frauds more recently.

November 29, 1963



Highgate magistrates were told yesterday of a "political background" to a case in which three men posed as GPO engineers to get into the home of Mr. David Irving, author of "The Destruction of Dresden." 
Mr. Ivan Lawrence, defending, said; "This is a matter which has some political background to it. It is not the case of some three men embarking on a career of crime." 
David F., 19, electrician, of Solander Gardens, Stepney; Gerald Gable, 26, electrician, of Lynemouth Road, Stoke Newington, and Manny Carpel, 20, unemployed, of Downs Park Road, Dalston, were remanded on bail until Dec.4. 
All were charged with breaking and entering Mr. Irving's home at Alyn Court, Crescent Road, Hornsey.

December 4, 1963 



  Three men accused of breaking into the Hornsey home of historian David Irving with intent to commit a felony, appeared on remand at Highgate today and were again remanded on bail totalling £900. 
Gerald Gable, 26, electrician, of Quanstock House, Lynmouth Road, Stoke Newington; Manny Carpel, 20, unemployed of Downs Park Road, Hackney, and David F., 19, electrician's mate, of Solander Gardens, Stepney, are accused. 
Company director Leslie Jacobs, of Chatsworth Road, Clapton, again stood surety in the sum of £250 for each of the accused and each supplied his own bail of 5

December 18, 1963 

Bogus GPO men tried to grab Nazi papers

Historian tells of trio who came to test phone  

Three young men tricked their way into historian Mr. David Irving's flat by posing as GPO engineers, Highgate Magistrate were told today. 
One of them, David F., was alleged to have told a policeman: "This man is Fascist. We got in because we wanted to get some of these books and papers of his and he knows a lot of Nazis who are top brass." 
Sgt. Tavener said F. pointed at a number of books and papers on the table in the room. 
Charged with breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony were F., 19, electrician, of Solander Gardens, Stepney, Gerald Gable, 26, electrician, of Lynmouth Road, Stoke Newington, and Manny Carpel, 20, unemployed, of Downs Park Road, Dalston, who appeared on remand.


Opening the prosecution case Mr. Henry Hargrave said:"You might regard this as a rather unbelievable case." 
Mr. Irving, of Crescent Road, Hornsey, said that two of the men came to his door and told him they had come about the phone and he invited them in. 
"Carpel dialled two or three times on the phone and said 'Hallo, hallo, hallo testing 1, 2, 3, 4.' Then he put the phone down and made himself comfortable in my armchair, saying 'Do you mind if a smoke?' and lighting a cigarette."


Mr. Irving said, that Gable told him a large rewiring scheme was in hand in the area and said they were increasing the voltage. 
Mr. Irving said that Gable and Carpel and F. returned about an hour later. In the meantime he had phoned the GPO engineer and the police because he was suspicious. 
Said Mr. Irving: "Gable began to strip the wire from the wall after cutting the wire by the phone. When I looked at him Gable said 'I am sorry I forgot to show me my authorisation card.' He produced a blue GPO card and that satisfied me. I told them that I had asked the police to attend and Gable said 'that's all right, Sir. It often happens to us. It happened in a bank once.'" 
Mr. Mathew submitted that the charge should be dismissed because Mr. Irving agreed that he invited the defendants in although he was suspicious. 
The three men were committed for trial to Middlesex Quarter Sessions starting on January 1. Gable is also charged with stealing a G.P.O. pass card. 
A Company director Leslie Jacobs, of Chatsworth Road, Clapton, stood surety in the sum of 250 for each of the accused and each supplied his own bail of 50. 
Mr Irving is the author of The Destruction of Dresden.

January 15, 1964 



TWO young Jews who broke into the flat of a man they believed was a Fascist hoped to find political material which they could take to the Special Branch, said Mr.John Mathew, defence counsel, at Middlesex Sessions yesterday. 
Manny Carpel, 20, unemployed, of Downs Park Road, Dalston, and Gerald Gable, 26, electrician, of Lynmouth Road, Stoke Newington, admitted breaking into the flat of Mr. David Irving, author of "The Destruction of Dresden," at Alyn Court, Crescent Road, Hornsey, on Nov. 27 with intent to steal. 
The were each fined £20 for stealing. Gable was also fined £5 for stealing a GPO card by finding. 
David F., 19, electrician, of Solander Gardens, Stepney, pleaded not guilty to the breaking and entering charge and was discharged.

Posed as engineers 

Mr. Kenneth Richardson, prosecuting, said Carpel and Gable broke into the flat by posing as GPO engineers and arranged to return later. Mr. Irving checked with the Post Office and found their story was untrue. 
When the three were arrested, one said: "This man is a Fascist. We got in because we wanted to get some of the books and papers of his as he knows a lot of Nazis who are top brass." 
Mr. Richardson said: "In view of this allegation, I am bound to say that this gentleman would, if he had come to give evidence, have most strongly denied the allegation."

January 17, 1964

Three fined for breaking into author's flat 

 By a correspondent 

When three young men were charged with breaking into the flat of Mr. David Irving, an historian and author of "The Destruction of Dresden," one of them told the police officers: "This man is a fascist. We got in because we wanted to get some of his books and papers, as he knows a lot of Nazis who are top brass." 
Mr. Kenneth Richardson, prosecuting, said this at Middlesex Sessions on Tuesday. 
Charged with breaking into Mr. Irving's flat at Alyn Court, Crescent Road, Crouch End, on November 27 with intent to steal were: David F., aged 19, electricians mate, of Solander Gardens, Stepney; Manny Carpel, aged 20, unemployed, of Downs Park Road, Dalston; and Gerald Gable, aged 26, electrician, of Lynmouth Road, Stoke Newington.

No evidence 

Carpel and Gable pleaded guilty. F. pleaded not guilty and the prosecution offered no evidence in his case. On the direction of the deputy chairman (Mr. T.R. Fitzwalter Butler) the jury returned a formal verdict of not guilty in the case of F. 
Mr. Richardson said Carpel and Gable entered the flat by posing as G.P.O. engineers. 
"In view of this allegation -- that Mr. Irving was a fascist -- I am bound to say that that gentleman would, if he had come to give evidence, have most strongly denied this allegation," said Mr. Richardson. 
Mr. John Mathew, defending, said: "Both these men were Jewish. Both were brought up with strong anti-Nazi and anti-fascist views." 
"They intended to hand over any documents or books they found to Special Branch. 
Carpel and Gable were fined £20 each, on the first charge, and Gable £5 on a charge against him of stealing a G.P.O. pass card. 




The Searchlight on Searchlight      
     Ian Buckley dissects the 'anti-fascist' lie magazine     

    The name of Searchlight magazine will be familiar – if hardly popular – with most readers. Personally, I had never so much as looked at an issue until a few weeks ago, but now that I have done so I'd like to share some impressions with our readership.

One initial surprise was the rather backward-looking nature of the magazine. Recent numbers have carried interminable material about the Spanish Civil War, or the nefarious and violent activities of the '62 Group. Forty-year-old anecdotes of street battles and the overturning of a car of a 'fascist' are cheerfully related.

But woe betide anyone on the 'other side' who is thought even slightly to emulate these people's bad behaviour! Then Searchlight will let fly with all the venom at its disposal, with references to 'Nazi rat nests', 'terrorists', 'maniacs' and 'thugs.' In a Searchlight article of March 2003 by Thomas Reynolds entitled 'Disciples of Blood', even a prominent Roman Catholic anti-abortion activist, Thomas Monaghan, was accorded this treatment. We are informed that a giant 220ft crucifix outside a college run by Monaghan is 'arrogant'. Well, you can't please everybody!

Searchlight's distortion of the language and its fantasist tendencies are very reminiscent of the propaganda of the Israeli Government. The demonisation of British Nationalists follows the same pattern, whereby an elderly Christian Arab bell-ringer shot by troops becomes a 'terrorist' who was 'holed up' in the Church of the Nativity.

The reaction of Searchlight to the September 11th attacks was well worth studying. According to the magazine, these were 'murderous terrorist attacks'. Such an attitude is very different to these writers' previous standpoint on terrorism. Twenty-odd years ago they would doubtless have greeted the news of bomb attacks on South African oil refineries or railway stations with barely suppressed glee. They would have run the story in terms of the brave resistance of the oppressed to a tyrannical government.

But now they sing from a different hymn sheet, and write in terms that would not be out of place in the Daily Mail or Daily Telegraph. But that is just one contradiction. As is well known, the editor and staff of Searchlight are all Marxists to a man (and woman). Now, disregarding moral considerations which, as we've seen, don't interest Searchlight very much – the destruction of the World Trade Centre was indeed an assault on the symbolic and actual centre of global capitalism. But these far-leftists not only disapprove of the attack, but also give a guarded welcome to the ensuing so-called 'war on terror'!

Remote from the British people
The Searchlight crew claim to be leftists, but what exactly have they achieved for the working classes by all their 'anti-fascist' activities? Mistaken trade-unionists like John Edmonds may contribute articles to Searchlight denouncing the BNP as a 'threat'. But I would like to ask Mr. Edmonds what ordinary British people fear most: the BNP or the collapsing, failing, crime-ridden society created by his erstwhile friends of New Labour? Searchlight magazine is symbolic of the way the healthy element on the Left has been neutered. The siren song of today's left has been followed for years, so that there is no more talk from that quarter of jobs and a fair society, but of 'gay' rights and more immigration!

This was made explicit by Steve Silver in a piece entitled 'Anti-fascism and globalisation' when he said that: "We need to find ways to address the contradiction that in a world where capital can traverse the planet with less restrictions than ever before, labour has never had less freedom of movement."

This 'leftist' suggests that because of the unfettered movement of capital - which any nation in full possession of its senses should have prevented by law – we must allow in even more and more asylum-seekers as cheap labour! I wonder how John Edmonds' members in the neglected heartlands of old Labour would react to that suggestion?

Quite apart from any 'racist' consideration, such a mass influx would have an even more deleterious effect on living standards than the economic sabotage of Thatcher, Major and Blair. The Searchlight scribblers should be aware that their proposal of further flooding the country with asylum-seekers, will, to put it mildly, never be popular or accepted. Indeed they should realise that the general public is seething with rage over the issue.

Indeed, all educated, mainstream nationalists are, if anything, more moderate than that public. A vox pop in my local pub on the BBC's risible 'Asylum Day' came to the conclusion that asylum-seekers should be shot at by troops as they attempted entry. To which my rejoinder was that it would be a better idea to do something along those lines to the politicians responsible for allowing this folly – and so many others.

The guys at Searchlight would class this as horrific racism; but, really, is it as bad as Israeli Transport Minister Avigdor Lieberman's statement that Palestinians should be drowned in the Dead Sea, as this was the lowest point in the world? Truly, the policy of 'Racism in One Country' would seem to apply!

Selective view of nationalism
'Anti-fascism and globalisation' further goes on to state that: "Nationalism is not a monolithic entity and should not be viewed as such: it is not necessarily a bad thing." Basque or African nationalism are considered to be 'progressive', but we are cautioned that some forms of nationalism must be considered dangerous. The reader will be agog with boredom to find that British Nationalism is placed in this category.

While, of course, the main thrust of Searchlight has always been against nationalists, recent essays have begun to target the sceptical left. People like John Pilger or Tam Dalyell are accused of "an emotive response bordering on hysteria" in their reaction to the Jenin slaughter. The essay goes on portentously to warn the dissenters that: "Anti-semitism, like other forms of racial hatred, does not always come from the fascist right." So just remember, when you see a bulldozer in Gaza crushing a protestor, always to examine your conscience and make sure you're not suffering from an emotive 'anti- semitic' response!

But Searchlight also has its amusing side, demonstrated when Gerry Gable says in the course of an attack on David Irving that Irving was "praising the SS and attacking Britain's heroic wartime fliers as little better than war criminals" in his first book The Destruction of Dresden.

As to the first part of this statement, Mr. Gable must have read a unique printing of one single copy of The Destruction of Dresden to which no-one else has had access. As for the RAF, regrettably on this particular occasion they did behave like war criminals – or at least carried out the orders of such people. But it is a great laugh to hear the Marxist Gable sounding just like Biggles author Captain W. E. Johns!

In spite of all its talk of features, investigation and such-like, Searchlight seems to operate very much on the principle of what we say goes, just as did the East End gangster and 'anti-fascist' Jack Spot. Sceptical elements in the media should take note of the fact that it's not normal journalistic practice to go for stories to the bitterest opponents of a particular political grouping or individual. They don't ask Sinn Fein for the full story on the Rev. Ian Paisley, so why on earth do they rely on the inaccurate and distorted ramblings of Searchlight whenever they want information about nationalism?
With acknowledgements to Spearhead Online
At War with the Truth
The True Story of Searchlight Agent Tim Hepple

This booklet is about a man of many possible faces and many possible allegiances. For the mainstream media and readers of the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight Tim Hepple was simply a member of the fascist British National Party who 'saw the light' and approached Searchlight asking if he could act as a mole for them. As such he seemed to follow in the footsteps of other Searchlight moles, the most famous being Ray Hill who in 1984 in a blaze of publicity and a World in Action documentary 'came out' exposing his former friends in the far right.

In April 1994 in a dramatic World in Action programme Tim Hepple appeared on camera as a source helping expose the violent Nazi group Combat 18. However, at the end of April a pamphlet 'A Lie Too Far', exposed Hepple as an agent provocateur in the Anarchist movement. This pamphlet focused on the list of names and details of C-18 thugs which Hepple encouraged Green Anarchist magazine to publish. The list contained many factual errors and was composed with intention of getting Anarchists arrested and encouraging C18/BNP members to mount-counter attacks. However the list had another purpose. They had been designed to put Green Anarchist under attack on 3 fronts – arrested by the state, attacked by C18/BNP thugs and also by anti-fascists. This would come about because after Green Anarchist had published them Searchlight would 'expose' the lists as being supplied by Nazis. The resulting smears would open the target up to attack from the Left/anti-fascists. It was this third front of desired assault – by their own comrades on the Left – that points most clearly in the direction of list passing as being part of MI5's current battle plan.

Luckily O'hara was able to prevent Green Anarchist from publishing the lists, but unfortunatly, unknown to him, Tim Scargill of the Class War Organisation was also passed a copy of this list (by presumed Searchlight assets still under investigation) and published himself. As O'hara had predicted Scargill was immediately attacked as a being a fascist.

O'hara responded by working on with Green Anarchist and Tim Scargill to produce a pamphlet, A Lie Too Far (ALTF), to try repair some of the damage and to prevent such events happening again. In ALTF Searchlight magazine, it editor Gerry Gabble, Ray Hill and Tim Hepple were accused of implementing a plot to physically and politically subvert the Anarchist movement. Searchlight was plotting against the British left. Why? Some would answer that Searchlight is an arm of the secret state. This pamphlet certainly does. Many years ago Duncan Campbell in the New Statesman unearthed a document which incontrovertibly showed that Gerry Gable had spread disinformation on behalf of MI5. This 'Gable Memorandum' was recently published by Lobster Magazine (issue 24).

ALTF contains extracts from letters which Hepple wrote to Green Anarchist's editor, and this publication uses letters not disclosed in ALTF to prove beyond doubt that Hepple was an agent provocateur. It is up to you to decide whether you should continue to buy searchlight. If you do- remember Searchlight is a thoughly discredited organisation serving the secret states' agenda.

From Green Anarchist

Searchlight and the State
The article where "anti-fascist" magazine Searchlight's links to the British security services were first revealed.

"Leave it to the experts!"

"I have now given the names I have acquired to be checked out by British/ French security services, especially the French and German connections and the South American stuff is being checked by Geoffrey Stewart-Smith's institute. He has strong CIA links. (1), I may try somebody in the Israeli Foreign Office that I know for some checks on Kelly. It is now a time for waiting for a feed-back and also further checks here."

"I have attached a number of documents including the transcript of Kelly's interview with World in Action. It goes without saying that I would like this kept strictly secret."

'Strictly secret': one of a series of reports on other journalists which London Weekend Television researcher and Searchlight Publishing Chairman Gerry Gable prepared with a little help from "the experts".

In January 1964, three young men (2) were convicted at Highbury Magistrates Court for breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony, after attempting to steal private papers from the self-proclaimed "mild fascist" historian David Irving. Despite the fact that one of them was unemployed and the other two gave their professions as "electrician", they were represented in Court by a Queens Council and £1,000 bail was put up by a businessman, company director Leslie Jacobs of Clapton. One of the three was additionally charged with stealing a GPO identity card which he used in the burglary: his name was Gerry Gable. Council for the defence told the court, "they hoped to find material they could take to Special Branch". (3)

Twenty years later the same Gerry Gable, reviewing Stuart Christie's Investigative Researcher's Handbook (which had included profiles of two leading right-wingers as examples of how to go about an investigation), dismissed the book with the scathing admonishment to "leave it to the experts".(4) We think our readers should be made aware of just which "experts" Mr. Gable has in mind, and why it is that Searchlight reacts so curiously whenever anyone outside their select circle dares step onto their jealously guarded territory of investigating the extreme Right.

Born in January 1937, Gerry Gable is a former member of the Young Communist League (YCL), and stood as Communist Party candidate in the Northfield ward of Stamford Hill, north London, in 1962. He was also linked to the Zionist 'antifascist' 62 Group nominally led by Harry Bidney (manager of the Limbo Club in Soho) — formed by veterans of the anti-Mosley 43 Group (basically a CP set-up) who thought the group had grown 'too liberal' — to counter the antics of Colin Jordan, John Tyndall, and the revived neo-Nazi movement of the early '60's. The 62 Group (mostly supporters of the Beginite Herut organisation, a political successor to the Irgun Zvai Leumi terrorist group) specialised in direct action, infiltration, dirty-tricks, and 'black-bag' jobs (burglary). Gable has retained an endearing affection for 'black-bag' jobs, as a means of gathering information on target individuals, ever since.

Parallel to the activities of the '62 Group, a small anti-fascist journal was founded in London to monitor the activities of Jordan, Tyndall & Co. The journal was called Searchlight. Amongst its early editors were Labour MP's Reg Freeson and Joan Lestor (both subsequently Government Ministers for Housing and Foreign Affairs respectively). Searchlight's "research director" was Gerry Gable. The journal ceased publication in 1967, but Gable, Maurice Ludmer (a veteran Communist and anti-fascist), and others stayed together as Searchlight Associates, in order to go on providing 'research material' on the extreme Right to journalists and broadcasters. In 1974 Gable and Ludmer collaborated in the production of a pamphlet detailing the background and nature of the National Front: A Well Oiled Nazi Machine. The instant success of the pamphlet (it sold out in a few weeks), helped by the wave of concern awakened on the Left by the seeming advance being made by the NF (and incidentally, the re-emergence of 'anti-fascism' as a bandwagon for groups like the SWP to use for their recruitment drives), prompted Searchlight Associates to resume publication as a regular journal. The pilot issue of the new Searchlight appeared in February 1975, with Maurice Ludmer as its editor. Ludmer and Gable were also amongst the first sponsors of the Anti-Nazi League.

Since then Searchlight has built up an impressive reputation for investigative reporting, and has done pioneering work of genuine value in exposing the activities and international links of fascist organisations. But the political expediency of a perceived identity of interest in the short-term, in the cause of 'anti-fascism' just as in 'anti-communism', is apt to lead one to work with some strange allies. In Searchlight's case, opposition to the 'extremists' of the Right has opened up the door to the extremists of the centre, for whom Right and Left are equally perceived as a threat to 'democracy'.

"Strictly secret"
Not only has Gable admitted, as part of his defence in the 1963/4 burglary trial, that he hoped to supply information to Special Branch on David Irving, but a confidential memorandum written by him to his producers in London Weekend Television (where he worked until recently as a researcher/presenter on the London Programme: he is now trying to work his ticket with an alleged 'heart condition') on 2 May 1977 gave clear, hard, evidence that he has also engaged in a two-way traffic of information with the security services of several countries, and acted as a conduit of misinformation for MI5 against fellow journalists, and socialists. The memo was the subject of an article by Duncan Campbell and Bruce Page in the New Statesman in February 1980. Gable has never successfully refuted the information contained in the article. When Campbell and Page went down to LWT's offices to confront Gable with the evidence and demand some answers, Gable simply cleared his desk and fled, refusing to talk to them. This is in marked contrast to his previous meeting with Campbell, whom he took out to an expense account lunch during the 'ABC' Official Secrets case to pump him for information he could pass on to his friends in Special Branch.

The memo, written by Gable followed, he says, a lunch with a Security Service employee in May 1977. The nature of the official material received and recorded by him — mixed with large amounts of random gossip — indicates that much of it was coloured by phone-tap information and informer's reports. It consists almost entirely of libellous untruths about a group of 'target' individuals — the 'ABC' Official Secrets defendants, American deportees Philip Agee and Mark Hosenball, and several of their acquaintances. In certain respects, material from Special Branch had been deliberately falsified to mislead Gable and his employers. The timing of the memo showed clearly an intense interest on behalf of MI5 in manipulating events surrounding the Agee/ Hosenball case and the beginnings of the 'ABC' prosecution.

"Kelly is the KGB man…"
The person most frequently, and libellously, mentioned in its pages was not directly involved in either case: Phil Kelly, a journalist acquainted with both sets of accused men. Kelly was around this time one of the victims of a number of burglaries and thefts in London which were clearly designed to gather information and documents rather than valuables (Gable's proven speciality, as witnessed by the Irving trial…)

Admitted to be one of a series, the memo was headed "Agencies" presumably a reference to Gable's information sources (named, apart from MI5, as the CIA, French and German security, Stewart-Smith's FARI institute, and the 'Israeli Foreign Office'). It mixes up a few accurate facts with half-truths, and constructs upon them a series of fantasies, linking the Young Liberals with Cubans, Palestinian and German terrorists, various contributors to Time Out, members of the London Co-Op, and the KGB, into a deadly, all-encompassing conspiracy. Gable also asserts that an "eye-witness" who "had infiltrated the Palestinians and some left groups" (and is apparently well known to him) has backed up his claims. There is a remarkable similarity between information received by Special Branch when they stopped Kelly at Heathrow Airport in 1970, and the "eye-witness" story re-told by Gable in 1977. The implication must be that Gable was at least aware of a Special Branch or MI5 informer amongst left-wing groups and remained quiet about it.

Gable wrote: "The arrest of Campbell / Berry and Aubrey has caused a civil rights row, but according to my top level security sources, they inform me in strictest confidence that for about four years Campbell/ Berry/ Kelly and others have been systematically gathering top-level security material. Campbell, who claims to have only an interest in technological matters as far as the state is involved, had done four years detailed research into the whole structure of the other side of not only our Intelligence services but those of other NATO countries. He has also gone to people who work on top security contracts and started off by asking them about open commercial work their companies do and then gradually asked them for information on top secret work, including that on underwater detection hardware, which he clearly knows is beyond the pale."

"Politically it appears the group have no guiding light or line, but Kelly is the KGB man who reaps the goodies gathered by other people…"

"The security service accepts that once the real nature of this case begins to emerge they expect people like Jonathan Aitkin (the Tory MP, who has expressed support for the ABC) will fade away fast. The security service accepts that a number of decent people have signed up to support these people on civil rights grounds and also they unofficially accept all the shortcomings of the act they have been held under, but they say they are sure this has gone beyond the bounds of Press Investigation."

In the last few words of the memo Gable wrote: "I have now given the names I have acquired to be checked out by British/ French security services…it is now a time for waiting for a feed-back and also for further checks here." The feed-back never came of course, because the whole story was really just black propaganda.

The Infiltration Game
Searchlight obtains much of its information from imaginative use of the telephone, 'black-bag' jobs (of the sort Gable has been convicted for), snippets of gossip and information blackmailed out of vulnerable fascists eager to protect some guilty secret or other (usually of a sexual nature), and selected tit-bits fed to Gable from his "top-level security sources". The value of a great deal of the material they print is arguable. Often it is slanted to achieve other ends than simply 'antifascism'. Gable has recently lent himself to a series of manoeuvres, allying himself with former members of the Socialist Party of Great Britain (SPGB) who had joined the Libertarian Alliance, aimed at seizing control of the Alternative Bookshop in Covent Garden (a pivotal influence within the LA) and ousting Chris Tame (who has recently also come under fire in the pages of Searchlight) in what they hoped would be the resulting split.

On the rare occasion when they do print information from genuine anti-fascist infiltrators (two people, independently, during our researches expressed bewilderment at Searchlight's lack of interest in information gathered on fascists — in one case through a successful infiltration of the NF — which was offered to them), it is subject to a curious process of 'editing' before being published. Birmingham Communist Dave Roberts, who provided Searchlight with much of their information during the mid '70's, is a case in point.

Amongst the information passed to Searchlight in 1976 by Roberts (who was subsequently disowned by Gable after Maurice Ludmer's death), was the revelation that David King (a Birmingham Nazi known to have close links with the so-called "Column 88") had told Roberts in prison that he suspected fellow fascist Peter Marriner of being in touch with Special Branch. Marriner, a long-time Nazi activist in Birmingham, then local organiser for the British Movement and said to be involved with "Column 88", achieved notoriety when he was exposed as a fascist infiltrator of the Labour Party, International Socialists, and other left-wing groups during the Ladywood bye-election. Searchlight subsequently printed a long expose of Marriner's activities, but only after the local press had already picked up the beginnings of the story and blown Marriner's cover as election agent to Labour MP Brian Waldon and his successor, John Severs. Nowhere in Searchlight's coverage of the Marriner case was there any mention of a Special Branch connection. Marriner told the Left he was infiltrating the Right. He told the Right he was infiltrating the Left. If he was also in contact with Special Branch, just who was infiltrating who? And why, after they published so much else of the information gathered by Roberts, did Searchlight balk at exposing a leading Birmingham Nazi as an agent of the Special Branch? Interestingly enough, another of the defendants in the Irving burglary case with Gable in 1963, Manny Carpel, was jailed for 2.5 years in April 1981 after setting fire to a printing works in Sussex which printed fascist literature. Carpel described himself during the trial as a freelance journalist working for Searchlight. His defence lawyer, Leonard Krickler, claimed on Carpel's behalf that his client had helped the Special Branch in the past in the Midlands and Birmingham.

Plausible Denial?
Gable's role in all this is open to speculation. He may be the naive tool (and fool) of the Special Branch. More probably, he appears in the classic role of "plausibly deniable" agent, used by "the experts" to do the dirty work which his "top level security sources" would rather not grubby their hands on. It is documented fact that Gable has been passing information to Special Branch, MI5, and foreign security services for 20 years; acted as a conduit for misinformation and 'black' propaganda between MI5 and the media (aimed in at least one case in affecting the course of criminal proceedings against fellow journalists); and concealed the existence and activities of at least one Special Branch or MI5 infiltrator inside left-wing groups.

We can not really shed any tears about Gable employing unscrupulous methods against fascists; but his activities in other directions give us cause for concern. We are entitled to ask Mr. Gable, when he scolds those who ruffle his feathers, to just which "experts" we should leave the task of investigating those who threaten our well-being: MI5, Special Branch, CIA, Mossad? It is also necessary to ask those genuine anti-fascists amongst the Searchlight staff and contributors, whether they are in fact aware of Gerry Gable's activities on behalf of his "top level security" chums? If they are and continue to have any dealings with the man, then we would have cause to question their motivations also. With "experts" like Gerry Gable, who needs fascists?

1 Besides having served as advisor to the British Military Voluntary Force which unsuccessfully tried to send mercenaries to the Congo, Biafra, and Southern Africa, former Tory MP. Geoffrey Stewart-Smith is the editor of East West Digest (an anti-communist rag sent free to all MP's), and director of the Foreign Affairs Research Institute (FARI). From a small beginning in 1966, by 1981 it was able to host an international conference which received a message of goodwill from President Reagan. FARI acts as an umbrella group for the Coalition for Peace through Security (CPS), located in the office above FARI at 27-31 Whitehall, which has also housed Freedom Communications International (yet another rabid anti-communist set-up) of whom Stewart-Smith is the director. Foreign Affairs Publishing Co. is a major publisher of right-wing books in England. The East West Institute/ FARI maintains close links with British, Dutch and American Intelligence.
2 Gerry Gable, Manny Carpel and David Freedman.
3 Evening Standard, 28 November 1963.
4 Searchlight, No.96, June 1983.

From Anarchy 36, 1983

Searchlight  :  A Well-Oiled Disinformation Machine
By Paul Cox

For those not in the know -- and sadly that includes at least 90 per cent of those active within the periphery of radical politics in Britain, let alone the mass of the population -- Searchlight present themselves as specialists in the comparatively small field of "racism and fascism".

To all intents and purposes Searchlight the organisation (1) has a monopoly on the subject of fascism and is politically influential.
As Larry O'Hara points out, "barely a story on fascists printed in the UK has not got their paw-prints on it, and the same (even more so) goes for TV documentaries on fascism";  furthermore, Searchlight provided "official and exclusive research back-up for the two European Parliament reports into racism and fascism in Europe", (Searchlight for Beginners  p.1)(2).
Larry O'Hara has spent much of the last few years researching and writing about Searchlight, not because he has nothing better to do in his spare time from analysis of the machinations of the secret state, but also because Searchlight has itself put a great deal of effort into blackening the name of O'Hara, suggesting amongst other things that he is a "nazi fellow-traveller" (Searchlight No 216 June 1993, p.24), and "an informant for an agent of the SIS" (Searchlight No 218 August 1993, p.12) (3)

O'Haras latest booklet, woefully entitled Searchlight For Beginners, is on the whole easy to read and comprehend for those of us with primary or secondary experience of the multifarious role of the Searchlight organisation. However, for those new to the subject it could be pretty bewildering, as it does require a degree of prior knowledge of the subject-matter and jargon... the Searchlight organisation; Column 88; 'hit-lists'; Combat 18 and so on.

The publication Searchlight originally surfaced in 1965 as an occasional anti-fascist broadsheet, and included amongst its contributors Reg Freeson and Joan Lester, two left-wing Labour MPs. It was not until 1972 that any significant impact was made by the Searchlight organisation, with the publication of the anonymous pamphlet The Monday Club – A Danger To Democracy, highlighting the activities of George Kennedy- Young, an ex-Deputy Head of MI6.

Although it was an "anonymous" publication, O'Hara is convinced of its authorship:

No-one has ever admitted to writing this, but the content and style is highly redolent of the themes that were to be a staple of Searchlight stories throughout the 1970s and later... (Searchlight for Beginners, p.1).
Two years later, Searchlight produced a pamphlet exposing the past activities of key members of the National Front, namely John Tyndall and Martin Webster. More surprising was the photograph of a uniformed John Courtney, described as leader of the undercover National Socialist Group, an organisation which Searchlight were later to claim were highly active within Column 88.

The pamphlet A Well-Oiled Nazi Machine, followed hot on the heels of the 76,429 votes received by the NF in the February 1974 General Election and the death of anti-fascist agitator Kevin Gately at Red Lion Square on June 15. Webster espoused NF innocence, insisting that there were "clear indications" that the organisers of the anti-NF counter-demonstration were "intending to stage a physical confrontation with the NF"  (Martin Webster : Law Relating to Public Order 1980, p.8) -- a claim endorsed by O'Hara himself when he acknowledged that "despite the fact that the NF had not engaged in violence that day, thenceforth they were associated in the public mind with mayhem"  (Lobster No 23, May 1992, p.16).

A Well-Oiled Nazi Machine was well received amongst anti- fascists, and Searchlight the publication was duly relaunched in February 1975 under the editorship of Maurice Ludmer, a one-time journalist for the Communist Party newspaper Morning Star and later a leading figure in the Anti Nazi League.

From "Nazi Underground" to State "Honey Trap"
Within months Searchlight had its first major story exposing Column 88, an alleged neo-Nazi terror group intent on having its members "in places of influence across the whole spectrum of the Right, from the Monday Club to the National Front" (Searchlight May 1975, p.5). In April 1976 C88 hit the national headlines with the exposure of joint military exercises with the Territorial Army; the source of the stories was one Dave Roberts, a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain and Searchlight agent. The following month Searchlight boasted of "the many stories that have resulted from Searchlight's research into the extreme right Column 88", further adding that "C88 is a private army. It is illegal. There is no legitimate reason why it should be allowed to continue."  (Searchlight May 1976, p.3-4). O'Hara rightly states that this follows an "established pattern: stories are sold to the media, and then recycled/embroidered in the next month's magazine."  (Searchlight for Beginners, p.3). In 1991 Searchlight still referred to C88 as "the nazi underground paramilitary and intelligence cell" (p.3). This same issue spoke of the role of the SAS and MI6 as "a training arm for guerilla warfare and sabotage" for the British Section of the GLADIO network, the secret NATO anti-Communist organisation, (Searchlight No 187 January 1991, p.3/p.6). By 1995, however, C88 were a "honey trap operation set up by British intelligence", and furthermore were involved in GLADIO  (Searchlight No. 238 April 1995, p.2), and "should not be counted as a genuine far-right or racist group"  (Community Handbook, Sect 2.2-2). A serious about-turn, taken years after it could have any political significance; C88 no longer existed, and Sir George Kennedy-Young was long dead.

O'Hara has long opposed the Searchlight doctrine concerning both the Monday Club and Column 88. O'Hara argues that the Monday Club pamphlet represented an "exaggeration of the political clout of George Kennedy-Young", more so given that he later failed in his attempt to take over the Monday Club in September 1973. With regard to C88, he had already argued that as far as both the National Front and the National Party were concerned the private armies of both C88 and GB75 were seen as reactionary, supportive of the status quo, and "paving the way for communism", (Lobster No 23 June 1992, p.15). Furthermore, "without Searchlight's lurid 1975 coverage and subsequent follow up in April and May 1976, there would not have been any national C88 story."  (Searchlight for Beginners p.3-4).

O'Hara's conjecture makes sense, and his alternative explanation seems hard to refute: "As we now know, the key murky secret state activity of the mid-1970s was MI5's efforts to use the situation in Northern Ireland to their own advantage... MI5 did not make the slightest appearance in either of the Searchlight hyped stories, which is a chilling omission....
Searchlight can thus, in the politically volatile 1970s, be seen as a 'distractor' diverting potentially prying eyes away from what is really going on." (Searchlight for Beginners p.4).

"Special Branch Pimps" and "Errand Boys for the State"
Where O'Hara is at his best is when he kills myths and myth-makers with their own words and with those of their closest comrades. Dave Roberts was first exposed as a Searchlight agent when he was convicted in March 1976 for attempted assault following a failed arson attack on Communist Party premises in Birmingham, which doubtless would have been blamed on C88, as were attacks on left-wing bookshops at that time.

From that time, if not before, Roberts was working for the political police. The following year Unity magazine spoke of tape-recordings and documents obtained by Roberts which had "gone to the authorities"  (Unity No.1 1977, p.7). The following year Roberts himself was calling on the authorities to "arrest leaders of Column 88... ban all marches, meetings and literature", (Forewarned No.2 April 1978, p.11); and Terry Liddle, ex-husband of Searchlight's Daphne Liddle, wrote that Roberts was "reputed to trade information with Special Branch"  (Volya, April 1986, p.6). Not exactly the actions of a revolutionary Stalinist, but then again...

Gerry Gable, who took over the realm of Searchlight editor following the death of Ludmer, is yet another ex-member of the Communist Party. He too first came to the fore in November 1963, during his bungled attempt to burgle the home of historian David Irving. His defence counsel, one Ivan Lawrence QC (later Sir Ivan Lawrence, Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee), commented at the time that Gable had "intended to hand over any documents or books they found to the Special Branch"  (Islington Gazette 17/1/64).

In 1980 the left-wing journal New Statesman exposed Gable as a state asset using his own words from the notorious Gable memorandum, a letter from Gable to London Weekend Television in May 1977. In it Gable boasted of "my top level security service sources" and later confessed that "I have now given the names I have acquired to be checked out by British/French security services"  (Gable to LWT 2/5/77).

By 1986 Gable was providing research back-up to the BBC Panorama programme on 'Maggie's Militant Tendency' which exposed alleged fascist leanings of some Conservative MPs. Gable was quick to boast of how the programme "drew heavily upon Searchlight's own revelations"  (Searchlight No. 130 April 1986, p.2); but with two Conservative MPs taking out a libel action against the BBC and carrying out their own research into Searchlight, he panicked and concocted a story about how they planned to kidnap and murder him. Gable cleverly refrained from naming the MPs, but Private Eye magazine swallowed the story and went one step further in actually naming the MPs allegedly involved, and for their troubles the Eye were successfully sued the following year.(4)

A Conspiracy of "Hit-Lists" and "Death Squads"
The next Searchlight story to come under the O'Hara dissection is the lurid issue of hit-lists of political opponents. Searchlight has long claimed that it was the fascist 'extreme-right' that first published the names and addresses of anti-fascists to be targetted for attack, and supported this theory by exposing the actions of the Young National Front publication Bulldog, and South London News, both of which featured the details of hundreds of anti-fascists. In later years the implication was that Combat 18 continued this fascist technique of intimidation.

O'Hara has debunked this myth, not by laying the blame on anti-fascists, even though it was an anti-fascist publication that did indeed first publish a list of the names and addresses of fascists, but on the Searchlight organisation itself. According to O'Hara it was the publication Forewarned Against Fascism in November 1978 that first "began publishing 'hit-lists'", and that "these lists preceded those produced by fascists", and that the people behind Forewarned were none other than Dave Roberts and Daphne Liddle, (Searchlight for Beginners p.8). Only then, O'Hara suggests, did fascists respond -- but that even then there lay yet another twist.

The nazi publication League Review began featuring informed details on anti-fascists in late 1978, written under the pen-name of Heimdall. From August 1979 League Review began featuring the names and addresses of Anti Nazi League committee members, a body onto which Dave Roberts himself had failed to get elected. O'Hara's supposition is that not only were these people opponents of Roberts, but that "a normally reliable source has suggested that Heimdall was in fact a codename for Roberts"  (Searchlight for Beginners p.9).

Of more concern to O'Hara than the issue of 'hit-lists' themselves is the role played in all this by Forewarned, which whilst "run at arms-length from, but clearly connected to, Searchlight (and their ultimate protectors) proactively took the initiative in pouring petrol on the flames of political violence"  (Searchlight for Beginners p.8).

Sonia Hochfelder first appeared on the political scene when she set up the the diminutive "Communist Party of England : Marxist Leninist", however by late 1974 whilst studying she "jumped ship" and "threw her lot in with the fascists", as well as becoming the girlfriend of one Steve Brady, an Irish-born member of the National Party, a splinter from the NF, (Searchlight for Beginners p.9). The significance of all this to O'Hara is Hochfelder's possible connection, via Brady, with the death squads of the Ulster Volunteer Force, and as such her possible role in the murder of Michael Adamson who was shot by the UVF in March 1975.

O'Hara's evidence rests upon several key facts. Firstly the content of a letter allegedly from Brady to Hochfelder which not only mentions the assassination of Adamson, but also mentions his contact with members of the CPE:ML. Further details of these self same CPE:ML members was then published by Dave McCalden, another Irish-born member of the National Party, in the July issue of Britain First, whilst at the same time the UVF publication Combat described the CPE:ML as the "most violent Communist organisation in the UK" (Combat May 1975). Who better than a past insider, Hochfelder, to have such knowledge of the tiny CPE:ML ?

Hill Street Ruse
Searchlight are not only prone to using Stalinists in order to spread their disinformation on behalf of the State... When Ray Hill returned to England from South Africa and later offered to work for Searchlight it was a godsend for Gable and his masters. Hill, a one-time member of Colin Jordan's National Socialist Movement in the 1960's (before emigrating to South Africa), had all the hallmarks of the perfect State asset. Politically, he had a tumid reputation, but few nazis would shun him; furthermore he is alleged to have fled South Africa under something of a cloud.

On the evening of July 6 1981, a World in Action expose implied that members of the tiny British Democratic Party, a breakaway group from the NF, were involved in gun-running operations. The source of the story was Searchlight, and their asset within the BDP was Hill. Ironically, the gun-runners were alleged to be supplying arms to  American soldiers based in England, a most unlikely clientel for weapons sales!

Yet, as O'Hara points out, it was Hill himself who suggestedto Anthony Reed-Herbert, the leader of the BDP, that the nazi movement operate a "pincer strategy", one offering a "respectable, clean political party" and the other "the capacity for underground activities"  (Ray Hill,The Other Face of Terror,1988, p.98). In reality one luger pistol was purchased and made available to the Americans, and another BDP member was convicted for unlawful possession of another firearm -- as O'Hara quips, "Hardly Iran-Contra!"  (Searchlight for Beginners p.14).

That same month, Searchlight fed a story to the Daily Mirrorabout an alleged neo-nazi plot to bomb the Notting Hill Carnival, which suggested that Special Branch officers had "discovered that the neo-Nazis plotted to set off a suitcase bomb"  (Daily Mirror 21/7/81). Searchlight enhanced the story, claiming that the plot was "intended to leave hundreds dead"  (Searchlight No. 74, August 1981, p.2).

It was of course all a fantasy dreamed up by Gable and his State associates, but both the anti-fascist movement and the media wanted to – or needed to - believe it. Indeed, Richard Thurlow years later still referred to Hill having thwarted the "plot to explode a terrorist bomb" without providing any evidence of any such plans, (Richard Thurlow : Fascism in Britain : A history 1918-1985 p.288, 1987).

O'Hara is not convinced of the existence of any such bomb plot at all. Viewing the activities of a synthesized europe-wide nazi movement, he argued "what is the point of going to great lengths to set up a network of European terror, from which Britain was specifically excluded because of the UK's role as a 'bolt-hole', in order to mess it all up with something like the Notting Hill bomb ?"  (Lobster No. 24 November 1992, p.18).

The Other Side of Deception
Critics of O'Hara tend to argue that both he and his research into the activities of Searchlight are being used by the fascist 'right', because much of his work destroys many of the myths which are used to discredit fascism in Britain. However, O'Hara is quick to point out that the disinformation used by Searchlight against fascism is part of a greater State strategy to attack the political 'left'.

With the growth in political direct action through groups such as Class War, the State decided to attack the Anarchist movement, and Searchlight was an ever-willing accomplice. Class War were very active during the 1984 Miners Strike and staged a "Bash the Rich" march through London in 1985. In the aftermath of the Brixton riots in 1985 a Searchlight-inspired story suggested that Class War was "run by former leading figures in the National Front"  (Guardian 30/9/85); in 1988 Searchlight implied that anarchist squatters in Hackney had been infiltrated by nazis.

The Poll Tax riot in 1990, and the follow-up "Bailiff Day of Action" in July 1991, brought Class War to the fore again. True to form, first Tim Scargill (ex-fascist turned anarchist) was falsely accused of working with the British National Party and Combat 18; and again in October1994 Class War was said to have been "infiltrated by elements of the extreme right" (Evening Standard 12/10/94).

Such disinformation serves the State well; not only does it create suspicion, but the gullible might well approach Searchlight with membership lists requesting that these "experts" peruse their lists for them, looking for known fascist infiltrators!

The Green movement also is frequently targeted by Searchlight. None more so than in the case of Tim Hepple, the State asset who simultaneously infiltrated the fascist 'right' and the green movement (see 'Activists or Agents' in Third Way issue 22, for a detailed account). However, just to briefly reiterate the career of Hepple: "football hooligan... organising race riots (Dewsbury 1989)... infiltrating Left/Green groups... offered Green Anarchist arms... gave them lists of fascist names and addresses"  (Searchlight for Beginners, p.18-19). All sound like a familiar pattern ?

"Let them hate, so long as they fear..."
Unlike Column 88, Combat 18  were a creation of the 'far-right'. Indeed C18 was created as a response to attacks of fascist/nazi meetings by anti-fascists, specifically the attack on a League of St George meeting at Kensington Library in 1991, at which Gable was arrested; and the failure of Chris Marchant/Nick Griffin of the International Third Position to prevent revisionist Fred Leuchter being removed and subsequently deported prior to addressing a meeting organised by David Irving.
O'Hara's analysis of the origin of C18 is similar, and suggests that its founding corps came from "disaffected ex-BM members" (Turning Up The Heat 1994, p.67).

Searchlight repeated their 1970s strategy, the only difference was in the name, Combat 18 instead of Column 88. Firstly Searchlight called for "the investigation of nazi terror groups either to be put into the hands of a special police unit attached to the Police National Intelligence Bureau, or to be handed over to MI5 and MI6"  (Searchlight No. 223, January 1994, p.2). The following year C18 was now a state operation, indeed Searchlight appeared to approve, asserting that "the reasons for MI5 wanting to establish another 'honey trap' on the far right are understanable and possibly justifiable"  (Searchlight No.238, April 1995, p.2).

O'Hara disagrees with the Searchlight hypothesis. Firstly he rightly states that there has been a "plethora of disinformation, emanating from both the Far Right and State connected sources"  (Turning Up The Heat 1994, p.66). Further, he insists that "there is no evidence MI5 created C18"  (Searchlight for Beginners p.25).

Superciliously, C18 had claimed "the police and Searchlight would find it impossible to infiltrate all the cells and monitor the activities of each, or estimate the numbers involved with the movement..."  (Redwatch No.6, 1993, p.2). O'Hara suggests however that there are now to all intents and purposes  two C18s; "C18 is at present run by a leadership who are largely independent of State control." Commenting on the Searchlight change concerning the origins of C18, he suggests that "by lying about the allegiance of the mark-one original leadership Searchlight are facilitating a takeover by real State operatives." To those who might condone this State intervention, O'Hara warns: "Such a takeover would not be undertaken for pacifist purposes"  (Searchlight for Beginners p.25).

O'Hara even dares to suggest that "a recent defector from the team has suggested that in December 1993 Gable's main concern wasn't C18, but my exposure of his activities"  (Searchlight for Beginners p.21).

The Men in the Shadows
It might help the cause of the 'innocents' amongst the Searchlight team if, as O'Hara suggests, they "stepped forward from the shadows. Why shouldn't the readers know full details concerning the younger and expanded team ?" (Searchlight for Beginners p.29). This freedom of information is highly unlikely, as the team is tight-knit and most are indubitably implicit in their relationship with Gable and his controllers.

Given that this is the case, one can only agree in total with O'Hara's closing attack :

The hydra that is the Searchlight organisation (the magazine being merely the public face of such) cannot be reformed or reasoned with, it must be destroyed and replaced, as soon as possible... the answer lies in your hands...
Searchlight for Beginners

Notes :

Searchlight the organisation is split into 3 sections:  Searchlight the magazine, the Searchlight Educational Trust, and Searchlight Information Services. The latter plays a key role in selling stories to the media.

The Evrigenis Report in 1986 led to the Joint Declaration against racism and xenophobia. The second study was in 1990 under the guidance of Glyn Ford MEP, himself a contributor to Searchlight.

A reference to Morris Riley, SIS = Special Intelligence Service.

In spite of this, and in order to keep alive the Gable myth, Gary Murray reiterated the story,  minus the successful libel case, in his book Enemies of the State.

When Charity is Criminal

The Searchlight Educational Trust Exposed

[Note: There are various references to secondary articles on other pages in the following text. These refer to their original location in Final Conflict magazine #20. All the relevant facts follow, although they are not laid out in the same order as they were in the magazine in which some features were inserted amongst others. Issue 20 of Final Conflict which, amongst other things, also contains an interview with Australian National Action, is still available from Final Conflict along with other back issues].


Searchlight "clearly works on the notion
that if enough mud is thrown some of it
will eventually stick."

Nationalism Today Issue 41.

IMAGINE, IF YOU will dear reader, that there were a Charity in this country run by criminals and political 'extremists' that published material of a political nature that attacked open, legal and democratic political parties. Wow! Wouldn't that cause a fuss? It would be all over the papers, the Charity Commission would swing into action overnight... but, perhaps not...

Let us add the matter of the Charity's Communist/Zionist so-called "anti-racist" background and maybe, just maybe, the fact that certain strings are pulled by the Jewish Board of Deputies, Special Branch/MI5 and high ranking politicians who just might be Jewish, homosexual, Socialist or a lovely mixture of any of these.

"No! This couldn't happen! Not in democratic Britain" I hear the politically naive cry... but that's exactly what is happening and the Charity concerned is the Searchlight Educational Trust (hereafter: SET) Registered Charity No. 1013880.

But before we go onto the matter of SET, let us first take a look at Searchlight magazine which, as we'll see later is indistinguishable from SET, and some of the charming people behind it:


Mrs. Gable is a former member of the National Party, National Front and League of Saint George (indeed at one stage she had a close relationship with 'Strasserite' Steve Brady of all three of these organisations, and other "nazi" activists - surely taking "infiltration" a bit far?). As well as being the secretary of SET she is also sales/circulation manager of Searchlight magazine. So, she was either a White racialist – in which case is hardly suited to be involved in an "anti racist" Charity such as SET – or a political infiltrator. Being (part) Jewish, one would think she had to be an infiltrator. Not so. Members of the League of St. George knew Miss Hochfelder was a Jewess (she wrote letters in the Feb and June 1978 editions of League Review defending Israel and Jews and condemning anti-Semitism and a Mr. C. Horner of Peterborough wrote a letter in the August 1978 edition attacking her for this). This lends credence to the view expressed by many that Sonia Hochfelder was a "Court Jew" in 'Nationalist' circles. The National Front also had Jewish members and Jewish membership of the BNP caused concern in C18 circles circa. 1993 and reportedly in his recent court case, BNP 'No. 2' Nick Griffin admitted that the BNP has Jewish members – so this is not a new phenomenon.

Should such a known "racist" (or a political operative – an infiltrator is hardly a part-time functionary holding tea parties) be the secretary of a registered Charity which flirts with the political process; especially when one looks at the political and criminal 'background' of her husband (and others) connected with Searchlight magazine and SET?

MR. GERRY GABLE (Editor of political journal Searchlight, shareholder of Searchlight Publishing Ltd., criminal and speaker at SET conferences):

Although not named as such, it is very likely that Mr. Gable is one of the main organisers of SET.

Mr. Gable was a member of the Young Communist League and the Communist Party of Great Britain. He left school at 15 years of age and started as a trainee journalist on the Communist Party's Daily Worker. After a year he left for what became a career as a Communist Party trade union official. He stood for the Communist Party on Thursday the 10th of May 1962 at Northfield Ward, Stamford Hill, North London. (These links remain. In 1986 Searchlight was distributed by 'Central Books Ltd.', a Communist Party front that distributes various Marxist literature). In 1962, after 10 years unbroken membership, he left the Communist Party to "concentrate on anti-fascist work and because the party had begun to adopt an anti-Israel line".

"...There is a man who has been involved to various degrees in the anti-fascist movement for many years now who is known to be a police informer and by his own admission has contacts in the security services... His name is Gerry Gable and his publication is Searchlight."

Black Flag, Autumn 1993.

His type of "anti-fascist work" soon became clear. In November 1963 Mr. Gable was arrested and held at Hornsey police station following a bungled attempt to burgle the home of historian, David Irving. On the 14th of January 1964, Gable admitted breaking into the flat with intent to steal. His associate Manny Carpel (see later) also pleaded guilty. They were both fined £20. Gable was also fined £5 for stealing a GPO pass card.

As editor of Searchlight, Gable is an expert at spreading lies and disinformation (see later evidence re. 'The Gable memorandum', secret state involvement and various incredible smears against individuals and organisations).

Gable is also a Zionist. His son served in the Israeli Defence Force (sic) which has been responsible for some of the worst crimes against unarmed civilians - even women and children (dare we mention the word 'racist' in attacks by 'superior' Jews against dispossessed Arabs?).

HARRY BIDNEY (Searchlight magazine's "hero", pimp, homosexual paedophile and criminal):

The Zionist terror group 'The 62 Group' (supporters of the terrorist Beginite Herut organisation in Israel) was unofficially based in the sordid Limbo Club in Soho. Gable was involved with the criminal '62 Group' and the Limbo Club was managed by Harry Bidney. After his death Bidney was described by Searchlight as an "hero".

In 1977 Bidney was found guilty of eight charges of living off the earnings of prostitutes. In court, Bidney was described as the company secretary of Calderhead Investments, which was headed by David Calderhead, who was jailed for, on his own admission, attempting to procure a 16-year-old boy to commit an act of gross indecency with the predatory homosexual Harry Bidney.

In the March 1997 edition of Searchlight Gerry Gable wrote of his joy at having a 60th birthday surprise party sprung on him by his fellow Searchlight criminals. He listed pimp Harry Bidney as one of just eight "old and dear friends" that had "passed on". But "The evening did not pass without fond memories of you all". How quaint.

DAVE ROBERTS (Editorial board member of Searchlight magazine and criminal):

Roberts joined the editorial board of Searchlight magazine in 1974 and infiltrated political organisations for Searchlight throughout the mid 1970's. Infiltrating some lunatic fringe organisations led him to being convicted at Birmingham Crown Court of conspiring with others to burn down an Asian restaurant. He was only given a suspended sentence, which he later served as a result of a criminal conviction. Despite such events, Roberts continued to work for Searchlight for some years.

Roberts was responsible for one of Searchlight's best-known 'neo-nazi shock' frauds – Column 88 in the 1970's (NB: Searchlight was still pushing the fictitious Column 88 to people without brains in the January 1990 issue – #175) This name has since been used (somewhat bizarrely) by the 'National Socialist Movement' (ex-National Socialist Alliance/C18, Sargent wing), who now publish a journal entitled Column 88.

MANNY CARPEL (Searchlight journalist and criminal):

Arrested alongside Gerry Gable (see above). On top of this, he was convicted the year before of assaulting P.C. William Nield and of having an offensive weapon (a metal butcher's hook). In 1967 he pleaded guilty, with Michael Cohen, of trying to break into a printing works (W.H. Jones Ltd. on 20th July, 1966) with intent to commit a felony and to possessing housebreaking tools by night. Later, when in court for setting light to a printworks in Uckfield, Sussex, and causing more than £50,000 worth of damage (November the 5th, 1980) he described himself as "a freelance journalist working for Searchlight". Despite his previous convictions, Carpel received a mere two and a half year sentence on the 13th of April 1981. (It is highly possible that the Searchlight criminals, under Gable's leadership, are planning to repeat this arson given their request in a recent issue – January 1998 - for all sorts of info on "...a well known printer in Uckfield").

Gerry Gable continues to maintain close links with Carpel.

MAURICE LUDMER (Deceased – former Searchlight editor).

Ludmer was a Communist Party supporter. In 1963 he sponsored a Mrs. O'Brien as Communist Party candidate in Moseley Ward of Birmingham in the local elections. In 1967 he performed a similar service for the Communist Party candidate Mr. Brian M. Chambers. As late as 1986, Elizabeth Ludmer, his wife and shareholder in Searchlight Publishing Ltd., was throwing garden parties for the Socialist Workers Party at her Moseley home.

Ludmer liked to promote violence against legal political meetings and demonstrations. An example of this was a meeting of the Young National Front at the Digbeth Hall in Birmingham in 1978. He was a member of the "steering committee" which whipped up a crowd which went on the rampage. The riot resulted in several police being badly injured and Saturday shoppers being terrorised by hoodlums.

Ludmer was also on the 'steering committee' of the Anti Nazi League in the 1970s. ANAL was then, as it is now, a front for the Socialist Workers Party, but was more of a 'broad front' then, containing people like Ludmer with his Communist Party connections. The 70's ANAL was far more violent than today's version (bear in mind that the 70's SWP/ANAL still contained the Red Action elements – kicked out in 1982 – who went on to form the violent Anti Fascist Action – see 'Searchlight – the Real Extremists', page 12, this issue), no doubt benefiting from Ludmer's love of organised violence against lawful demonstrations and meetings.

Searchlight continues this "proud tradition" by publishing names, addresses, phone numbers and work places of political activists, thus 'setting them up' for attack (see page 15). Great democratic credentials! Interestingly, ANAL seems to belong to the Harry Bidney fan club too. The ANAL and SWP were both based at the same address in Newcastle – above a sex shop!

DAVID EDGAR (Searchlight Publishing Ltd. shareholder ):

This man was also on the editorial board of Marxism Today. He may possibly still be involved with both Searchlight and Marxism Today. This further links Searchlight with open political activities.

MICHAEL COHEN (Searchlight photographer, shareholder in Searchlight

Publishing Ltd and criminal): Also involved and found guilty of the 1963 burglary attempt alongside Gable and Roberts. He also pleaded guilty to the W.H. Jones attempted break-in with Carpel (see above).

GRAEME ATKINSON (Searchlight's European correspondent and criminal):

Atkinson worked for (surprise surprise!) the Communist Party's Morning Star newspaper as its district reporter in Yorkshire and the North East.

When in Sweden he manhandled a young thalidomide victim, Ulf Ranshede, so badly that the Swedish police wanted him for questioning and placed him on official report.

He was convicted and fined together with Searchlight activist Michael Avril Loft of distributing an illegal leaflet during the October 1974 General Election which attacked a legal, political party (looks like SET has had good teachers!).

RAY HILL (Searchlight columnist and criminal):

Criminal: he jumped bail on a duplicate passport two days before he was due in court charged with a £2,000 credit card swindle. He went to South Africa to avoid criminal charges (and joined the South African National Front) and came back to England under a similar cloud. He was also facing charges in connection with the theft of £20,000 from a Masonic organisation called The Sons of England, for which he was secretary.

These events happened during the period when Mr. Hill was a member of various organisations that could be described as Fascist or National Socialist (though some do not fit that description); indeed, when he announced he was a "mole" he was Press Officer for the BNP. "So his "conversion" to 'anti-fascism' and the pay-roll of Searchlight magazine might have seen him change his law-breaking ways?" thinks the political novice.

Unfortunately not. Mr. Hill appeared in Lincoln Crown Court (March 1988) when a Mr. George Lewis was the defendant in the case of indecent assault of young males. In short, Mr. Lewis, who had been jailed in Zimbabwe for sexual offences, was the victim of blackmail by Ray Hill, whom Mr. Lewis claimed – despite working for Searchlight magazine – was still "anti-Jewish". The jury believed Mr. Lewis and he was acquitted.


Despite constantly condemning others for their "criminal" and "violent" past, Searchlight's main 'moles' – Ray Hill and Tim Hepple both fit this bill. Indeed, Gable adheres to the "East End Socialist and Communist tradition of raising hell and, when necessary, fighting on the streets"

Jewish Chronicle 23rd October 1987.

In his column in Searchlight magazine Mr. Hill even referred to Black political activists as "Gucci-outfitted bunches of middle-class wankers" (issue 204, June 1992, page 11). and referred to Louis Farrakhan, the American Black Muslim (Nation of Islam) activist as a "worm". (issue 158 – article 'Farrakhan of Worms' attacked Black activist Lester Lewis for holding anti-Zionist and anti-Freemasonic views; he should of course believe what his masters at Searchlight tell him to). Can such talk be conducent to racial harmony?

Though he no longer regularly appears in Searchlight (due to embarrassment?) Mr. Hill's column did appear for many years after the South African affair and the Lincoln Crown Court episode.

Indeed, Ray Hill's column (Hill Street News) seems to have stopped after 1994. Of four copies of Searchlight we've seen of that year, he had a double page spread in each one, including a centre page spread. Some researchers claim this column was in fact written by others and was a concoction of news and gossip landing on Gable's desk, with Hill giving his name to it. Certainly in recent months another column 'News from the Sewers' has appeared which is a carbon copy of Hill's old column – maybe Searchlight feel there is little difference between Hill and the sewer. We'd tend to agree.

In the April 1994 issue of Searchlight, Gable prints a tribute to Hill: "Well you old sod, ten years later you're still on the team and, with love and respect to you and your family" – get the sick bucket! – "we hope you will be around for at least ten more". Indeed he is. But only just. Hill turned up at the 1997 60th birthday bash of Gable, proving he can still be wheeled out when times get hard.

TIM HEPPLE (Searchlight 'mole' and criminal)

This person is held by Searchlight to be their best example of an infiltrator in the far right. Hepple claims to have been a genuine Nationalist who "saw the error of his ways" and then decided to work for Searchlight. What many people have said is that Hepple in fact worked as an agent provocateur amongst the 'right' and the 'left wing' (BNP, Church of the Creator, Green Anarchist) and is nothing more than a State operative spreading disinformation. (see bibliography at the end of this article).

Whilst working at the BNP's head office in Welling, Hepple claims to have stolen "at least £40 a week" in loose money from incoming mail. (Page 19 of 'A Lie Too Far' – in Hepple's own writing) Is this sort of criminal activity promoted by Searchlight? Given the convictions of those connected with the magazine it seems likely.


In December 1976, Searchlight was described by a stipendiary magistrate, Mr. John Milward, as "scurrilous and disreputable ... What purpose can there be in advertising opponents' meetings except for the purpose of identifying them and creating disorder and violence? This seems to be an attempt to stir up trouble which is to be very strongly deprecated."

Birmingham Post 31/12/76

The above is just the tip of the iceberg – there are numerous other sources available (ranging from trade unionist, journalist, Arab, anarchist etc.) that paint an equally disgusting picture. In short, Searchlight magazine comprises of a criminal gang, involved in political smears against legal political parties. Furthermore, if Searchlight is so opposed to racism, why did it ban, in 1990, a number of Black people from meeting in a London synagogue. It seems strange that such an 'anti-racist' magazine should have no Black or Asian people on its staff.

It also seems hypocritical for Searchlight/SET to constantly be haranguing people involved throughout the political spectrum and in housing associations, business etc. for their "extremist" past, given the past of so many people involved with Searchlight: political extremists, agent provocateurs and criminals with a chequered morality (to say the least!). Pots and kettles spring to mind!

Searchlight magazine is also used to spreading all sorts of lies, fabrications and half-truths. This has resulted in them facing legal action for smears on Conservative politicians and a political researcher; and 'left-wing' shops (e.g. Housemans, near Kings Cross, London) refusing to stock their publication.

BBC TV had to pay out half a million pounds to Tory MPs Gerald Howarth and Neil Hamilton as a result of a libel action over the Panorama programme Maggie's Militant Tendancy (broadcast on the 30th January 1984 and described, not surprisingly, as "commendable" in the editorial of Searchlight issue 115), which used Searchlight's "research material". Indeed, Gerry Gable was its "Associate Producer", and as we'll see later has been called "the man mainly responsible for the programme" by a Labour MP. Searchlight were full of wind over the Panorama programme and were still accusing the Conservatives in their May 1984 edition, no. 107 (Article: 'Can of worms – will the Tories ever wriggle out?' – yes, to the tune of £500,000!).

Against the "right wing" Searchlight is a law unto itself. It fabricates terrorist groups (like Column 88) and builds up groups like the 'Ku Klux Klan' into some huge threat to 'civilisation' and 'democracy' (whilst working with some quite rum organisations themselves – see 'Searchlight – The Real Extremists' on page 12). Indeed, sometimes Searchlight are seen 'building' up one grouping, only to 'knock them down' later and claim the credit for themselves! Quite often the group won't have changed at all.

As well as the usual nonsense against (perceived) 'right wing organisations' Searchlight has also denounced the SWP for its anti-Zionist stance, Right-wing Conservatives for being 'extremists', Black groups (like the Nation of Islam - see double page spread in December 1997 issue for example – and the Black Caucus – later the Anti Racist Alliance) for failing to toe the Searchlight line (how racist!), groups who have outlined Searchlight's role with the Secret State Police (anarchists, socialists etc.) and especially researchers such as Larry O'Hara and Alexander Baron.

There was a great example of the lies Searchlight is constantly making up in its November 1997 issue. Searchlight reprinted a handwritten letter - supposedly written by a group calling itself the Mercian Klan. This letter, according to Searchlight, was sent to the Prime Minister. The letter warned of terror tactics as the BNP had "tried the political way". The scrawled, probably illegal, letter is hardly the sort of thing an underground political agitator would keep a copy of – yet Searchlight had a copy. Perhaps a contact in the government had passed a copy on? How impressive! Or is the answer rather more murky and mundane?

When New Target journal wrote to the Prime Minister, the PM's office totally denied ever receiving such a letter. Yet another Searchlight fabrication! (Searchlight has a "proud tradition" of printing hand-written letters from "political opponents", especially post cards from concentration camps, Croatia and other 'hot spots'. This is a cheap and easy way to defame organisations).

Searchlight reserved some special bile for the 'Campaign Against Racism and Fascism' (CARF) who used to have a section in Searchlight, but realised that Searchlight were following another agenda and had no interest in the facts behind racist attacks. CARF now have their own magazine which reports on racism.

Searchlight also organised a Remembrance Day march (and gathered 150 people!) to oppose 'racists' – and yet no Black groups marched with them. The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign has called Searchlight "sectarian" (Searchlight – Underming Anti-Fascists, Defending Zionism) and printed convincing evidence of Searchlight's refusal to work with left-wing anti-racist, anti-Zionist organisations in Israel and their refusal to denounce the "semi-fascist Tehiya (Renaissance) and Moledet (Transfer) parties in Israel. the PSC also denounce the fact that when covering the German Republikaner and the French Front National, Searchlight fail to mention they are pro-Israel. A dinner was given in honour of Le Pen, hosted by Jacques Torczyner, President of the World Union of General Zionists. Those attending were "all of them leading members of the American Jewish community, including Dr Israel Singer, Executive Director of the World Jewish Congress" (Jewish Chronicle 4th September 1987). The PSC, a highly influential group in Palestinian circles, and the Labour Movement Campaign for Palestine also condemned Searchlight in an 'open letter' in a 1988 issue of the leftist journal Labour Briefing (date unknown).

More illegality: Searchlight, July 1998, reprinted and praised an illegal "Nazis in Worthing" leaflet asking 'anti fascists' to send mail to the 'Flag' NF without stamps on.

The PSC also outline Searchlight's role in attacking Class War in 1985/6 (as they organised a 'Stop the City' campaign – deemed to be 'anti-semitic', does that mean most big Capitalists and bankers are Jews in Searchlight's eyes?). A report said "Despite the leading role of Searchlight magazine in the affair, and despite many approaches to the magazine for evidence, the sum total of material from Searchlight was nil. We are bemused by Searchlight's role in this affair." In the course of the enquiry Gable had admitted to monitoring anarchists (this is years before the Hepple/Scargill Green Anarchist affair).

Whilst FC may not have much in common, or even like, some of the above groups and individuals – the point is that Searchlight's smear tactics are pointed at anyone and anything they disagree with (or presumably are told to attack by their pay-masters!), Left, Right, Centre, Black, White or indifferent. To think of Searchlight as a magazine that only spreads lies about Nationalists is wrong. They are a lie machine in overdrive and regularly involve themselves in attacks on legal political organisations (from the National Front to the Conservative Party to the Anti Racist Alliance).

So we have established that Searchlight magazine has a lot of crooks (we suspect the rest are just waiting to be caught!) and political opportunists behind it – but should that detract from the sterling charitable work being done by SET? You betcha baby!

The fact of the matter is that Searchlight magazine and SET are indistinguishable. If you pick up a copy of Searchlight magazine and scan it for SET adverts, you'll find the terms 'Searchlight' (the magazine) and the Searchlight Educational Trust are interchangeable. For example, in the June 1998 issue of Searchlight, there is an advert on page 14 headed "Get Searchlight's Community Response Handbook Free". This is the booklet produced by SET (which we'll return to later) 'When Hate Comes to Town'. Yet to read the advert, it is produced by "Searchlight". The advert closes "Searchlight would welcome any donations to help further our youth educational work" – again, Searchlight, not SET.

Further proof of this crazy crossover exists in advert for SET in Searchlight (e.g. back cover, February 1998 edition). It opens: "Searchlight has brought together all its 33 years' experience of fighting racism and fascism to produce this unique and comprehensive handbook." No mention of SET there and if it was the Searchlight staff behind the SET booklet – which is obviously the case given the mention of "33 years" – this will explain the very same tactics of lies, fabrications, half-truths and innuendo masked as "research" to fool the gullible, not to mention attacks on legal political organisations – as we shall see later.

But let's go back to the SET advert in the June 1998 edition of Searchlight. On the same page there is an article which attacks the British National Party (BNP) and the National Democratic Party (NDP) – both legal political parties, being attacked in a political magazine.

There is also a strange reluctance for SET's charitable status or its registered number to be included in such adverts. Are the Searchlight team trying to hide their light under a bushel along with their charitable status?

And is it any wonder – for not only are the names SET and Searchlight swopped all over the place, leaving you wondering who's who, but SET and Searchlight share exactly the same address, fax and phone number, which are also shared by 'Trade Union Friends of Searchlight', another front to scam funds.


So, let us move onto the SET booklet itself. Although we have not seen a copy ourselves (loath to give £15 to a bunch of criminals, pimps and liars) let us instead look at a complaint made by the Third Way organisation at the end of 1996.

As with the other people Searchlight has attacked and whose material we quote from in this article, no one can accuse us of being in cahoots with Third Way. Indeed, we have often attacked Third Way in print in FC for being overtly pro-homosexual and pro-Zionist. But that makes our use of their complaint against Searchlight all the more believable. On the 15th of October 1996 Mr Patrick Harrington of Third Way sent a complaint to the Charity Commission about SET. This is what Third Way had to say about their complaint:

"The Third Way made a complaint to the Charity Commission against the Searchlight Educational Trust on 15 October 1996. We believe that SET have breached a number of the guidelines laid down by the Charity Commission regarding political campaigning by charities.

"Charities are given special tax exemptions, and our view is that the taxpayer should not have to subsidise political campaigns in which he or she may not believe.

"The issue itself is not new. There were complaints made about Oxfam (FC Ed: re. 'Free Front Line Africa' – anti South African campaign) in the early 1990s, and more recently Prime Minister John Major warned member charities of the Real World Coalition about meddling in politics."

Third Way made some very good complaints against SET, claiming that they broke three key Charity Commission guidelines:

32. A charity whose stated purposes include the advancement of education must not overstep the boundary between education and propaganda in providing balanced information designed to enable people to make up their own mind and providing one-sided information designed to promote a particular point of view.

44. A charity must not provide information which it knows, or ought to know, to be inaccurate, or which has been distorted by selection to support a preconceived position.

46. A charity must not issue material which supports or opposes a particular political party or the government.

From the evidence Third Way gave it was clear that the booklet clearly broke the rules (No. 32) on balanced information as lies were told and Third Way were not asked for their opinion, or the facts concerning their organisation.

One lie that we can comment on, which Third Way tell the Charity Commission is an outright lie, is that the International Third Position (ITP) is a split from Third Way. As the ITP was founded in 1989 and Third Way wasn't founded until 1990, how can this be so? And this is just one example of countless such lies that could be clarified with a little real research. The fact is that Searchlight have repeated this lie on numerous occasions to 'muddy the waters' concerning Third Way and the ITP who are miles apart on matters of tactics, structure, ideology, morality, Race and Zionism. Searchlight want to give readers the impression that Third Way and the ITP are still (in some way) 'chums' or that there is much the same background to the two. "...these creeps were leading lights in the political soldier wing of the National Front before the final split in early 1990 when both groups took on the name Third Way" – Ray Hill, Searchlight March 1991.

In the February 1990 issue, the main article 'Video Nasties' warbled on about the December 1989 released video 'Revolution in Action' produced by 'TP Videos' on why many militants had left the NF, so the March 1991 'story' and every other little 'story' since then is sheer propaganda.

This is just one example of a KNOWN LIE being pushed by Searchlight. SET is continuing this charade, further proving that SET is a useful cover for Searchlight's premeditated lies and political propaganda (still, now that Searchlight are aware of the facts, thanks to the Charity Commission, we can expect them to drop that lie, along with all the others, can't we? And pigs might fly!).

SET also broke the guideline on accuracy (No. 44) and SET later admitted this in a private letter to the Charity Commission ("With one or two small exceptions, the Trust maintains that its account of the 'facts' is correct". Small exceptions? Does that mean lies? And who are they to judge their own "facts"? It seems strange that the Charity Commission would settle for that - but more on that later).

As for the guideline on political parties, SET breaks this umpteen times with its attacks on Third Way, as Mr. Harrington points out, but also with its attacks on the BNP, NF and many other legal bodies. Indeed, FC in its daily e-mail newsletter has asked all these organisations to make complaints to the Charity Commission against SET. We reiterate that request now – not for our own benefit, but for theirs.

So, to anyone looking in on the SET set-up (groan!) it seems obvious that something is wrong. We have:

1. Searchlight full of (to coin a phrase) 'thuggery, buggery, arson and whores'.

2. Searchlight and SET sharing all the same address, fax and phone facilities and key personnel.

3. Searchlight and SET constantly swopping references to each other in the magazine and in SET promotional adverts.

4. Searchlight spreading lies about political opponents – and SET following this same "proud tradition" (sic), including deliberate lies about legal political parties.

So what action have the Charity Commission taken? After the Third Way complaint were SET closed down? Were their assets frozen while an inquiry was undertaken about their role in party politics? No. This is the reply Mr. Simon Haywood of the Charity Commission made to Mr. Harrington of Third Way:

" We cannot easily determine the truth of the statements in "When Hate Comes to Town", but would expect charities as a rule to carefully check the accuracy of any statements or literature they make public. With one or two small exceptions, the Trust maintains that its account of the 'facts' is correct. Where there is some doubt, we do not believe that there has been a deliberate attempt by the charity to mislead the public. However, we have made it clear to them that we would expect particular attention to be paid to the accuracy of the information they use in any future publications. Of course you may wish to consider addressing the charity directly with your concerns about the accuracy of its printed material. "

Whilst this looks all 'fair and square' to the untrained eye - as we've already pointed out, this is allowing SET to be their own judge and jury.

Who says there was no "deliberate attempt to mislead the public" – that's what Searchlight thrive on – ask the Green Anarchists, the Anti Racist Alliance, the BNP, the NF, the NDP, right wing Conservatives, Larry O'Hara, Alexander Baron, historian David Irving, the SWP and all the other people who have been lied about in Searchlight. We use the example of Searchlight as we wish to follow their example and make Searchlight and SET interchangeable terms, as well as their tactics and their personnel's backgrounds.

LIES: In 1987 Searchlight claimed its circulation was 7,250. Benn's Media Directory for 1987 said the circulation was a mere 3,800! Who's lying?

As for contacting SET about such lies – one may as well ask David Koresh (of Waco 'fame') to sit and ask the FBI why they want to come in and chat... prior to being burnt alive! Should someone write in complaint to Searchlight, doubtless their details would appear in Searchlight magazine, their bins would be trawled through, their home might get attacked or burgled and they might just get a visit at their place of work. The Charity Commission must realise that we are dealing with a criminal gang here – not a bunch of flower power hippies opposed to nasty racists. But yet again, it seems that SET are to be the judge, jury and executioner on their own case!

Further into his reply, Mr Haywood says:

"After careful deliberation, whilst we do feel that parts of "When Hate Comes to Town" may go slightly beyond what was intended by the Guidelines, we do not consider that in the context of its work as a whole they constitute a sufficient reason to take punitive action against its trustees.

"Slightly beyond"! It attacks legal political parties! Can you imagine a 'Final Conflict Educational Trust' bringing out a booklet full of lies and half-truths about the Labour Party, Conservative Party and various Communists and Anarchists? We'd be closed down before you could say "conspiracy".

What the Charity Commission is trying to tell Joe Public – that's you and me – is that SET can get tax breaks to bring out literature full of lies and unsubstantiated claims against legal political parties (which we, as members of the public, may support, vote for, or even belong to), which goes against all the supposed rules; and yet because of who they are and their connections, SET are allowed (to all intents and purposes) to be their own judge on the matter and hence get away with it.

It's like someone saying that there was a paedophile who died of AIDS and abused children in his care, yet everything was swept under the carpet by local authorities whilst he was alive as he worked for a local Council and was a strong Labour Party activist (no, we haven't made that case up it happened not very long ago in Hackney, East London with Labour Party activist Mark Trotter) was told "We've had a complaint that you are a paedophile, but if you say you're not then that's fine by us".

SET may think they're off the hook – but we ask all FC readers, including those linked to "democratic, patriotic organisations" or who may be political opponents of SET/Searchlight regardless of their political viewpoint to make a complaint to the Charity Commission regarding SET's attacks on legal political parties and also to carefully scan future SET publications, conferences etc. for any potentially 'useful' material.

That SET have got away with it so far is, like so many of the people behind SET, criminal. Final Conflict has made a complaint against SET which is going through the system now. We urge everyone to apply pressure on the Charity Commission. Even if we can't close SET down (though they should have been a long time ago if certain strings weren't being pulled) let's at the very least make things difficult for them. Complaints about the Searchlight Educational Trust (Reg. No. 1013880) should be sent to: The Charity Commission, St. Alban's House, 57/60 Haymarket, London, SW1Y 4QX, England.


SEARCHLIGHT – "the scourge of Nazis"? Or crooks, opportunists and worse, prepared to spread lies, and work with anti-Semites and thugs, and attack the "left" as well as the "right" to further their own ends?

Their use of a Black hand is also a bit much – Searchlight have constantly attacked the Black Caucus/Anti Racist Alliance as well as other Black groups. No Blacks or Asians work for Searchlight – surely a case for the draconian equal rights laws?

Gable and Co. love to call Black Nationalists who work with the Third Position and others 'token Blacks' ("fundementalists", "No Buthelezis in Britain") or much worse (how racist!) – an accusation that could well be levelled at Blacks that work with the heavily Jewish and part White, but definitely non-Black and non-Asian Searchlight criminal fraternity!

In its February 1989 issue (no. 164) Searchlight printed a photo of Anwar Ali, "Monday Club official". As more Asians are supporting the Conservatives in key areas like East London, were Searchlight trying to scare Asians like Mr. Ali by printing the photo, which can bring violence to people's doorsteps?


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Evening Standard – 28th November 1963 – Gable and two others bungled burglary on historians home (front page lead story).

Evening Standard – 18th December 1963 – Gable and two others appear at Highgate Magistrates on stolen GPO pass.

Jewish Chronicle – 26th August 1966 – Carpel and Cohen plead guilty to breaking into into print works with intent to commit a felony and to possessing housebreaking implements by night.

Birmingham Post – 31st December 1976 – "Searchlight magazine was yesterday accused by a magistrate of inciting racial violence."

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Lifting the Lid Off the Anti Nazi League by National Front Ex-Servicemen's Association. (1978). Background on extremists behind and lies of "respectable" anti-fascist group. As Searchlight have worked with ANAL and use similar tactics – this is worth reading for background information.

From Ballots to Bombs – The inside story of the National Front's Political Soldiers by Searchlight Publishing Ltd. (1989). For a good laugh at Searchlight's "journalism" – trawling through peoples' bins and three made up people's "tales" full of lies and propaganda.

Northern Star magazine (formerly Leeds Other Paper), #809 21st October 1993. Published from the same address Leeds Anti Fascist Action operate from (address in Searchlight). Contains excuses and lies about anti-BNP demo in which peoples' garden walls were taken apart for missiles to throw by 'anti fascists' (see 'Riot a "Highlight"' – page 15 this issue). It also contains a review of a play in Nottingham about "cottaging" – anonymous sex by homosexuals in public toilets (sounds like more friends of Harry Bidney!). NS (!) also contains a homosexual section which includes a photo of a leather clad homosexual with "marital aids". Good family entertainment. (NS had a hefty plug in the August 1991 issue of Searchlight).

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LIARS OUGHT TO HAVE GOOD MEMORIES: The True, Unsanitised Story Of "Searchlight" Mole Ray Hill by A. Baron.

A Revisionist History Of The 1960s Synagogue Arsons by A. Baron.

Poison On The Rates by A. Baron.

ALEXANDER BARON v GERRY GABLE AND OTHERS: Summary Of One Of The Libel Actions Of The Decade (And Related Legal Actions) by A. Baron.

Searchlight on Gerry Gable's Nazi Links: Zeig Heil and Oy Vey! by A. Baron. (inc. information on Sonia Hochfelder/Gable).

New Statesman, 15th February 1980. Article on the London Programme and the 'Gable Memorandum'

Lobster, issue 24. The 'Gable Memorandum'.

League Sentinel, issue 31, 'Not Guilty!' – Searchlight lies about an alleged attempt to overthrow the new South African Government exposed. Searchlight's evidence came from Ronald Deuster, a gun-running rapist; issue 34, article 'Behind Enemy Lines' Gable and Searchlight in general.


On Gable:

"He is certainly no friend of the Palestinian cause – not only is he a self-confessed Zionist, but one of his sons is serving in the Israeli army helping to suppress the Intifada in occupied Palestine (reference: Jewish Chronicle 23/10/87)"

"At his 1964 trial, he admitted that he had hoped to find information in Irving's flat which he could pass on (presumably for a fee) to the Special Branch".

"..Anarchy magazine (no. 36) went further, saying that the memo gives "clear, hard evidence that he has also engaged in a two-way traffic of information with the security services of several countries and acted as a conduit of misinformation for MI5 against fellow journalists, and socialists"..." The memo in question was one of a series sent to colleagues on the London Programme and in true Searchlight/SET style "mixes up some actual facts with a number of half-truths and outright lies to "link" the Young Liberals, Cubans, Palestinian and German terrorists, contributors to Time Out, the London Co-Op and the KGB, in an all-encompassing conspiracy." (Memo reprinted in Lobster #24 - mid 1990's)

On Manny Carpel:

At his trial for the 1980 arson of a printworks, "In mitigation, his defence counsel, Leonard Krickler, claimed that Carpel had in the past helped the Special Branch in the Midlands and Birmingham."

DIRECT ACTION. Anarchist journal. (October 1988):

"while it is understood that mistakes can be made, Searchlight's cavalier attitude to facts is becoming all too common!...DA advises its readers to treat stories in Searchlight with a large pinch of salt."

A LIE TOO FAR by Larry O'Hara (1993):

Intro by Green Anarchist editor: "...Searchlight's pages are largely a concoction of sectarian gossip from Left, Right and the secret state, rumour, supposition and spite."

COLUMN 88. National Socialist Movement journal. (May 1998):

On Sonia Gable:

"I recall pagan Sonia, a devoted Odinist, speaking in support of a resolution at the NF AGM opposing the fluoridation of the public water supply with the warning that this was a ploy by the government to dull the wits of white people and undermine our ability to think strongly in opposing those who manipulate our lives. "Do what is natural!" was her closing line – impressive - if I had not witnessed the earlier incident with Steve Brady."

On Searchlight:

If Column 88 were to list black and Asian activists and crimes, publicising black home addresses, contacting employers over matters of political allegiance and generally publish a mix of lies under the blanket of a few truths to support a version of affairs so distorted as to arouse the wrath and financial support if the otherwise ignorant, Searchlight would be demanding jail sentences immediately. That Searchlight can escape such censure, whilst employing the equivalent of such consciously selective journalism, does not make it any the less of a hate sheet. For the prejudices in the pages of Searchlight are every bit as extreme as any of those on the 'right' it so righteously condemns."

TIOCFAIDH AR LA! Glasgow Celtic 'anti fascist' fanzine. (Issue 18 – late 1990's date unknown):

"Searchlight is a Zionist, right wing, 'anti fascist' magazine well known for 'outing' fascists which has in the past called for MI5, Special Branch and the powers of the PTA to be utilised 'in the struggle against fascism'!" (Ed: PTA = Prevention of Terrorism Act, a draconian piece of legislation).

BLACK FLAG Anarchist paper. (Autumn 1993):

Under the heading 'SECURITY ALERT':

"...There is a man who has been involved to various degrees in the anti-fascist movement for many years now who is known to be a police informer and by his own admission has contacts in the security services. He does not tolerate criticism lightly and resorts to smears and lies when confronted with evidence contrary to his own. He produces a magazine which devotes a liberal amount of space to attacking anti-fascists and anarchist/left wing organisations. His name is Gerry Gable and his publication is Searchlight."

"...Some of the evidence comes from Searchlight's mole in the BNP, Tim Hepple, who also tried infiltrating groups on the left – for Gable, or the police, or both?"


Searchlight produced a booklet 'At War With Society' (AWWS) all about the infiltration of the BNP and the Church of the Creator by Tim Hepple. Larry O'Hara pre-empted this by publishing 'A Lie Too Far' about Hepple's infiltration of the right and the left (e.g. Autonomy, Green Anarchist etc.) and especially his framing of Class War activist Tim Scargill as a "State agent". After AWWS came out, O'Hara answered with 'At War With the Truth'.

Whilst we do not automatically hold up everything O'Hara says as 'the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth', it does seem glaringly obvious that State agent Hepple passed on 'duff' BNP membership lists to Scargill who published them. Searchlight then attacked Scargill as a 'nark' – even though it was 'their' Hepple who was touting the lists in the first place (Hepple tried to get Green Anarchist to print them too).

Searchlight also attacked Scargill for his "fascist" past, whilst Hepple and Ray Hill are praised for 'leaving' their "fascist" pasts. In short, there do seem to be glaring double standards.

In closing we at FC can't leave the matter of Scargill and O'Hara without covering some basics.


Firstly Scargill goes on about wanting to recruit "fascists" to anarchism (just as he "saw the light"...) and yet he was prepared to print Hepple's list which contained the addresses of at least two elderly Nationalists that we know of. Scargill seems happy to set up Nationalist OAPs for assault and still has the gall to talk about wanting to 'convert' Nationalists! It's all a bit rum.


O'Hara tried to pass himself off as a genuine and honest researcher when he approached Nationalists, when he first appeared on the scene. In letters to 'ex' National Front activists (and doubtless other Nationalists) he sought information on many matters and even offered to pay "costs".

Some stupid people in Nationalist organisations even met up with him and gave him documents which were supposed to be 'internal' such as Cadre News and internal minutes from the 'Political Soldier NF' (thanks Harrington!). We know some of the people he met and corresponded with were connected with groups from right across the Nationalist spectrum (from NR Faction to the National Democrats).

We should not forget that O'Hara is an enemy of Nationalism. He wants to 'expose' Nationalists and possibly replace Searchlight. He claims to 'tell the truth' – but if dodgy evidence is put his way by State assets (within the left or right), he will use it against Nationalists. We know he already has used, and plans to use more of, such dubious "information".

One case was when he published some material against the Third Position. He quoted from Troy Southgate who used to be involved but left the TP for personal reasons, taking a few people with him (since when most have dropped out or returned to the TP). O'Hara printed his attack on TP "leaders" in London. But of the three people named as "leaders" only one was in London. Thus, propaganda from an unstable individual with an axe to grind is printed by O'Hara as "fact" (and not for the first, nor the last time).

O'Hara moans that because the Third Position (unlike others) won't contact him he has to use what he can get. But why should someone contact an enemy so they can defame you – even if that defamation is more 'reasonable' (sometimes) than that used by Searchlight? And why should O'Hara print unsustainable stories from political opponents as "fact" and then embellish them with his own theories – even the Robin Ramsey at Lobster has cautioned him about such nonsense. Lies are lies, theory is theory, however it appears.

When the history of the Movement is written – it will be written by us - not by a Socialist enemy of Nationalism!

Quite why certain Nationalists feel the need to give him information is beyond us at FC! He may be an enemy of Searchlight and useful as a thorn in their side. But – BE WARNED – he is no friend of ours! Those who have helped O'Hara are just as guilty as those who have helped Searchlight.


IF YOU HAPPEN upon an issue of Searchlight, you'll be amazed to read that this journal is a bulwark of democracy and stands against the political extremes! It's all a lie! It's clear that Searchlight has always been and still is linked with the Communist Party. It also maintains links with the SWP's Anti Nazi League and others of a dubious nature.

Take the April 1994 issue of Searchlight. On the back page is an advert for the Anti Nazi League, but more insidious is the listing 'Anti Fascist fightback' (formerly entitled 'Anti-Fascist Action contact addresses'), under which are local 'anti-racist' addresses – mostly those of AFA. This was run for many issues (at least from Feb 93 until April 94). But better still is a freebie advert on the back of the April 1988 issue of Searchlight which urges their readers to "Join Anti-Fascist Action" with AFA's address in London. The same issue of Searchlight had the gall to condemn the 'Political Soldier' NF for an interview in 'Nationalism Today' with an Italian framed and jailed by the corrupt Italian "justice" system for a crime he did not commit. Given AFA's credentials as open supporters (and doers) of bombings, this hypocrisy is just incredible!

For those not in the know, AFA are extremists led by Red Action and Direct Action. RA were kicked out of the SWP in 1982 for being too extreme. They are violent Marxists unequivocal in their support of the IRA and its bombing of civilian targets. Indeed, two of their members have been jailed (in a much publicised case) for planting bombs for the IRA in Central London.

In the June 1988 issue of Searchlight (No. 156) the regular column 'AFA in Action' applauds the AFA's efforts to stop 'Flag' NF organiser Mark Cotterill from holding activities. Nothing wrong there you might think. But this and other Searchlight material resulted in a doorstep attack with a knife and an iron bar by 'anti fascists' Richard Hansbury and Richard Heyes on Mr. Cotterill which resulted in him being rushed to hospital for facial injuries. Searchlight can claim another victim in its long, "proud tradition".

That a journal standing for 'law and order' (ahem!) against criminal "fascists" that is constantly asking for stricter laws and has made no attempt to hide the two way flow of information from the police (Special Branch/MI5) to/from Searchlight should publicly back such violent Marxists would be beyond belief if one wasn't aware of the criminal background of virtually everyone involved with Searchlight.

Other leftists (notably anarchists) have bemoaned the fact that Searchlight only assisted AFA as long as Red Action were at the helm, so maybe there is some sort of police-Searchlight-Red Action-IRA link- up with one or more of them spying on the others? If the State has been behind recent 'violent' "neo-nazis" is it so weird for them to be behind 'violent' Marxists?

But who are AFA? In their magazine 'Fighting Talk' they constantly carp on about attacking Nationalists and beating them physically – on the streets, in their homes and at work. This is something Searchlight clearly doesn't shy away from. In one case they (AFA) bumped into some football fans at a train station and ran away. The account changed in 'Fighting Talk' – the Nationalists were "run" all over the place. Hmmm.

So what sort of materials do they sell through the Searchlight sanctioned Fighting Talk? How about T-Shirts showing injured Nationalists and Protestant Orangemen? Or the records 'F### Fascism' by The Oppressed or 'Nazi Punks F### Off' by Napalm Death? (More tea vicar?) Or the charming sticker 'Who the F### are the BNP? (by Plymouth AFA – yet again, address in Searchlight). Just the sort of thing a Charity should endorse.

And Searchlight's promotion of Red Action's AFA is kindly reciprocated. In issue 71 of the paper 'Red Action' (Summer '95) Searchlight and Ray Hill are quoted as experts on fascism and Charlie Sargent's C18 in particular (same handler Gerry?), this a full two years after Green Anarchist had gone public on Searchlight's role in undermining the left-wing in Britain. The same issue of Red Action is full of the usual IRA propaganda "...the IRA and Sinn Fein refuse to have anything to do with them [fascists] and continue to denounce fascism and racism" (indeed, SF's only MP in the Irish parliament, Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin, put out a statement on the 13/1/98, reprinted in the FC daily e-mail newsletter – issue 280, 20th January 1998, welcoming non-White immigrants into Ireland, promoting the Refugee Act and condemning racism: "We live in a multi-cultural Ireland. That enriches us all." blah blah...). Indeed, Red Action's only gripe with Searchlight was the latter's insistence that 'nazis' and 'republicans' are linked (RA #71), Searchlight printed a photo of Dave Holland, according to them, the boss of the Southern White Knights, wearing a Sinn Fein baseball cap. Mind you, Gable also claims to have conducted an in-depth investigation into "possible links between the National Front and the Soviet Union" (ref. Jewish Gazette 14/11/86) – who mentioned conspiracy? The Observer said Gable is "a conspircay theorist who could spot Nazi architecture in a kindergarten sandpit".

Maybe the link between Searchlight and AFA can be explained by a letter in 'Fighting Talk' #5 (mid 1990's?). The letter is from an ex-62 Group activist and is full of praise for AFA's violence. Remember, the 62 Group was run from Harry Bidney's Limbo Club. So the fan-club of Bidney, the pimp, homosexual paedophile and criminal grows... What a surprise! In recent times even AFA and Searchlight have "fallen out", despite Gable sharing the dock with Red Action's leader, Gary O'Shea, for violence, in May 1991, against a mainly elderly audience at a League of St George meeting with Jeffrey Hamm, one of Mosley's right hand men. Nationalists were held by RA members and beaten and tortured during this incident, though (to escape prosecution) Gable claims to have helped Hamm and tried to stop the violence – and if you believe that, you'll believe anything! It would seem that even Red Action/AFA have had just about enough of Searchlight's lies and obvious links to the Secret State.

Searchlight are "one of the leading influences within the anti-fascist movement in this country" – AFA's Fighting Talk #17, Sept. 1997. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours? A case of the criminal fraternity covering up for each other? The more you look at the murky world of Searchlight the more corruption, filth and lies you uncover.

Attitude – the journal of Leeds AFA which operates from the same address as Northern Star the pro-homosexual magazine – printed adverts for Searchlight in its Summer 93 and Spring 94 edition (and others presumably) in reciproc- ation for their address being in Searchlight. This is after the Green Anarchist exposé of Searchlight. How can Searchlight attack others as "extremist"?

# LATE NEWS # NB: In an important development AFA have now disbanded their own branches in Leeds and Huddersfield for spreading disinformation on anti-fascists and Nationalists. These branches were under the control of Searchlight people. AFA now state that Searchlight are following a sinister agenda.


AN EXAMPLE of how O'Hara often repeats or continues the disinformation pushed by Searchlight – and other disreputable sources – is the smear against the Third Position regarding Julius Evola. Searchlight have pushed this outright lie many times (e.g. Issue 271, January 1998) and O'Hara printed it in issue 1 of his 'Notes From the Borderland' (NFB) Issue 1, Winter 97-98. It goes like this: "Ironically, the spirituality of the ITP owes far more to the Italian pagan and occultist Julius Evola, who criticised Mussolini from the Right..." (NFB).

This is cobblers. The Third Position does not sell nor recommend any of Evola's works. Even FC, which sells historical works not published by the Third Position would not sell anything by Evola.

Can O'Hara back this claim up with anything grounded in truth? Does anything the Third Position has printed, internationally, nationally or locally, portray Evola as one of our ideological forebears?

The Third Position sells (and has sold) works about and by Codreanu, José Antonio, Hilaire Belloc, Cecil Chesterton, G.K. Chesterton, A.K. Chesterton, Saunders Lewis, Cobbett, Penty, Irving, Fahey, Hearne, Tolkein and others.

Surely if Evola were so important he would merit a book or two, the odd mention here and there, a badge or a poster, even a photo or picture in a journal every now and then? No, sorry folks... there isn't any. This is just a figment of O'Hara's fevered imagination, and a further example of how O'Hara is not always the "expert" he claims to be.

Even FC has published material on Mussolini and Mosley in an attempt to learn from the Fascist movement of yesteryear (not that the TP are a Fascist movement - it has always been Distributist; but we at FC are proud to wear the "Fascist" slur thrown at us by idiots who don't even know what one is! Like 'political incorrectness' it has become a badge of office – an honour bestowed on those who fight the New World Order, if you will). Nothing has appeared about Evola.

In fact O'Hara is loathe to admit this himself. In one part of his smear in the first issue of NFB he says "While Evola does not now feature on ITP booklists" – giving the impression he once did – he later says "...the unacknowledged but massive ideological debt owed by the ITP to Evola". How sad Larry! Research would show you that the Third Position has never featured his works and that the TP does not have a "massive debt" – ideological or otherwise. Indeed, in the Spring 98 issue of Gazeta de Vest, the forward to Codreanu's The Prison Notes is reprinted. Printed for the first time in English by The Legionary Press, The Prison Notes' forward attacks Evola (along with Schuon, Guénon and Muti) for being "syncretist... New Age", "poisonous rubbish" and Freemasonic. It is compared to the writings of Codreanu and Sima: "...the Legionary Movement was Christian and Christian alone...". These aren't the words of an 'Evolan fan club'! (It has already been attacked by 'Evolans' in Europe).

As with Searchlight, O'Hara has an ongoing agenda – and it is to damage Nationalism whenever he can, whether subtly or not.

Post Script: In the September 1997 issue of Gazeta de Vest (English edition - available from FC for £2) there is an article on Evola which heavily criticises him for his anti-Christian works, but points out that far from 'dwelling' in occultism, he moved through it (hence some books 'midway' which admire Christianity and Christendom, but which promote paganism) and later forbade the republishing of his 'occultist' works, (e.g. Pagan Imperialism - 1928, which he admitted in his autobiography was published under the influence of Freemasons). In conversation with GV's editor it became clear that as a result of this, in his last days Evola found peace with Christianity. Whilst we welcome this, FC (and we dare say the TP) could never promote Evola because so many of his (self) forbidden books are promoted by idiots who should know better (or those with ulterior motives).

Post Script II: In the August 1998 edition of 'The Nexus', a New Zealand Satanist political fanzine, there is an interview with Troy Southgate, the leader (oooh – how despotic, Comrade – isn't that what you claim to have left the TP over?) of the 'NR Faction' which now embraces Black Metal, anarchism (though as a truly schizo bloke he still pushes Guilds – which his anarchist chums have attacked) and a bastardised version of the TP's position (and Southgate offers some ideas nicked straight from the TP Handbook – including the workers' Guilds!). Southgate, quite happily, quotes from Evola. He says the NRF "adhere to the birth-death-renewal cycle" – along with other pseudo-nonsense, and holds up "occultists such as Guido von List" (his words!) and the Freemason Gabriele d'Annunzio for adoration. Southgate and his one or two hangers on are occultists. They say that themselves. They have a debt to Evola's Masonic inspired works. The Third Position does not.


A SUPERB EXAMPLE of Searchlight 'Black Propaganda' (disinformation) is 'The Green and Brown Anarchist' (no date – mid 1990s?) – Brown for the National Socialist Brownshirts of the 1930's. This two sided A4 leaflet served a number of important interests for Searchlight.

Firstly it attacked their enemies at Green Anarchist. It linked them with "nazis", the ITP, the 'New Right' and crazy views which twist ruralism into some sort of obscene death cult. It also attacked the International Third Position, linking them with pro-holocaust views (linked in with population explosion/control extreme views – something we've exposed as a hoax in FC) and (again! – take note Mr. O'Hara – ever been taken in?) Evolan paganism (gnosticism etc.)

Its address was 'Green Action Network, Box 88, Magdalen College, Oxford.' Oxford is the traditional base for Green Anarchist. So 'GA' can be the fictitious Green Action – or the very real Green Anarchist, such are the schoolboy antics of Gable and co.

The leaflet promoted the utterly barmy idea of death camps, and a population cull to avoid world overcrowding. It mentioned a 'GA Cadre' (Cadre is a term associated with Third Positionist/'Political Soldier' Nationalism). It has a dig at O'Hara ('Fat Boy' O'Haw-Haw) and claims he " our link man with various progressive tendencies that have transcended their far-Right origins, such as Derek Holland's International Third Position." and goes on to say he is their protector as he supplies names and addresses of enemies. "Thanks to 'Fat Boy' O'Haw-Haw the Cadre of GA has twenty-four hour protection against the machinations of Stella Rimington and MI5".

So not only is Derek Holland made out to be the leader of the Third Position, but O'Hara is a "nazi" collaborater, promoter of attacks on Nationalists and some St. Michael-style protector against the State.

This is typical of Searchlight's method of putting disinformation with subtle digs and outright micky-taking. As the Third Position is one of the few organisations to have totally rejected all of O'Hara's attempts at contact, this "link" is a bit much!

Quite what Searchlight hoped to gain from this piece of pure fiction is hard to work out. From first sight it stinks to high heaven of Zionist/State 'Black Propaganda'. The only good Searchlight can hope to achieve is to fill it full of such wild innuendo, that perhaps some of the milder nonsense might stick.

Obviously this is the sort of propaganda Searchlight puts out from time to time which bears no imprint from themselves. They get in enough trouble for the nonsense they print already! Outrageous garbage like this – which activists like us know they're behind – would simply be too much for some of the liberal bleeding hearts and idiot journalists that read Searchlight, hence the secrecy.


In return for taking Gable to court, Baron has been hospitalised by unknown assailants, been arrested, had his house searched and was 'set up' by the police ("one of Gable's bent copper friends" – Baron) – only to be aqcuitted at Southwark Crown Court (unlike so many Searchlight criminals!).

What's interesting about this is that whereas normally something involving a non-Nationalist political activist (let's face it we Nationalists can have anything thrown at us and it's ok by all sections of the media even "anti-State radicals" [sic] if they mention it at all!) being beaten up, harrassed by the police and fitted up for a court case, especially after accusing an MI5/Special Branch front group (or stool pigeons) and winning, would be commented on in the press – or at least by someone like Paul Foot (the SWP honcho) in Private Eye. But not in this case. Interesting...

The main gripe against Mr. Baron is, along with the facts and old clippings he digs out, he also has a 'thing' about printing material which isn't for family consumption which puts a lot of people off reading or believing the good stuff he uncovers.


They have been condemned for this by officialdom on at least one occasion (see boxed quote – The Real Face of Searchlight – on page 8). However, there have been other occasions which have probably been just as embarrassing for Searchlight. Under a heading 'Whoops, sorry' in Ray Hill's (yes, it's that criminal again!) column in the March 1993 edition of Searchlight, it was explained how Searchlight had printed information about one Barry Osbourne who worked as a housing officer for the London Borough of Newham. Barry Osbourne was a BNP candidate in the 1992 local elections in East London. Unfortunately the Mr. Osbourne at Newham council was a different person!

Criminal Ray Hill apologised "unreservedly" to the council and Mr. Osbourne (and said "we" – i.e. Searchlight as a whole – were "stupid" not to check the facts). One can only begin to imagine the treatment Mr. Osbourne got at the hands of non-Whites in multi-racial Newham! But this doesn't seem to have deterred Searchlight from this highly dubious activity.

There was another case when an apolitical friend of NF activist Phil Andrews in Middlesex, was named Derek Holland. Searchlight ran a story about the "NF chief", of the same name, living in "West London", again, without checking the truth of the story. Again, they had to apologise.

Setting up Nationalists – regardless of their age, sex or possible disabilities - is bad enough. Setting up total "innocents" as Searchlight clamour for more "insider news" and exposés against "fascists" is just unbelievable (or would be if the criminal and shady nature of the Searchlight clique weren't known).

We just hope one day there's a Nationalist called Tony Blair, Terry Wogan, Billy Bragg, Des Lynam or Michael Owens! Ho ho ho!


they'll run some scare story about FC, the Third Position, terrorism, MI5, MI6, Libya, Mossad, the Vatican, Croatia, the SS, UDA, IRA and even Mr. Whippy! We know that many people look upon FC as "nasty racists", but that doesn't detract from all the evidence in this brief look at Searchlight, the criminals behind it and its shadowy backers.

Whether or not Searchlight denounce us as "fascists" (the BNP have!) and others as "fascist collaboraters", political novices etc. it is undeniable that a great volume of evidence exists which proves that Searchlight is a criminal gang spreading disinformation about people and organisations right across the political spectrum and that the Searchlight Educational Trust is continuing in this "proud tradition".

Violence, lies, pimps, homosexuals, paedophiles, agent provacateurs, anti-semites, Zionists and a registered charity! If that isn't material for the News of the World to jump on – then what is?

No doubt 'Fleet Street' will remain quiet though. That doesn't mean political activists of all kinds shouldn't. Searchlight is bad news. Don't read it. It exists to spread disinformation. Certainly NEVER buy it. Do you want your money going to help expose more people whom Searchlight dislike? You never know; Nationalist, Pro-Lifer, Anarchist, Anti-Zionist, Black, Socialist, Arab... Next time it could be you at the end of a Special Branch disinformation sting, courtesy of Searchlight!


We would like to reiterate that we do not agree with most of the people who have spoken out against Searchlight to one degree or another – except on their opposition to Searchlight. Third Way are pro-homosexual; Larry O'Hara is anti-Nationalist and (wittingly or otherwise) has printed fabrications about the Nationalist cause; the 'NSM' contains people who have attacked FC in the past; Alexander Baron uses material that verges on being pornographic and would do far better if his material stayed serious and sober; the various anarchist, left wing and right wing journals and organisations that have exposed Searchlight as liars or worse would doubtless see Final Conflict as ideologically opposed to them.


WHEN THE entire liberal establishment and various Marxist rent-a-mobs organised a march against the BNP headquarters on the 16th of October 1993, 40,000 people (that's the left's figure!) joined the demonstration – bussed from all parts of the country with the backing of trade unions, Jewish groups, MPs, MEPs, rich pop stars, students and a throng of other hangers-on. (NB: This mass mobilisation pales in significance to the more recent rallies to defend the countryside in London – and there was no violence at them!). Searchlight had plugged the event (e.g. October 1993 issue – which also showed 'anti fascists' gloating near illegal grafitti on the front of the BNP's HQ – Charity Commission take note; in the same issue is a plug for a SET conference).

Anyway, on the 16th of October with so many criminals present – including Searchlight people – it was obvious that violence would break out. And it did!

Peoples' front garden walls were taken apart to provide ammunition to hurl at anything and anyone. Various Marxists, anarchists and other druggy drop-outs churned up peoples' gardens, smashed windows and cars as they fought against the people of Welling by destroying their property.

Imagine if this were a Nationalist demonstration? Hundreds would have been arrested and Searchlight would be screaming for more arrests, dawn raids and more...

So how did the left react? In the same old way: "Oh great march – shame about police brutality". Some didn't even mention the violence.

Thug, fraudster and criminal Ray Hill called it an "encouraging highlight" to the year in his column in Searchlight (January 1994 edition)! Maybe he was one of the masked bullies terrorising South East London that day?

What a surprise to find Searchlight linked – yet again – with criminal activities.


Info on Searchlight, O'Hara, AFA etc., including copies of their propaganda as and when it comes out. Perhaps a Comrade who has access to a photocopier can send us anything relevant as and when.


This article first appeared in the December 1996 issue of the old Nationalist magazineVANGUARD. The MI5 rag Searchlight is still around today, with the sole purpose of spreading gossip and outright lies and therefore creating dischord inside the Nationalist movement as the majority of its readers seem to be our own people. We would advise everyone to boycott this rag, you don't want it to be known that you're paying for a bunch of nonces to carry on with their perversion.


come out of the closet


BELIEVING Searchlight – the so-called 'anti-fascist magazine' – has just cost the BBC half a million quid. That is the extent of costs and damages the Beeb had to shell out when they gave up trying to defend a libel case brought by Tory M.P.'s Neil Hamilton and Gerald Howarth over the notorious Panorama programme 'Maggie's Militant Tendency' broadcast in February 1984.

Most of the paranoid drivel making up this programme was, the BBC admitted, supplied by Searchlight. Searchlight editor Gerry Gable was credited at the end of the programme, and three other 'researchers' similarly credited subsequently gave their address as that of Gable's rag. Although we hold no particular brief for Tory M.P.'s, the outcome of this case will have done a public
service if it teaches the media to think twice before using Searchlight stories, and if it serves to further discredit the rag as any sort of serious and honest source of information.

A major factor in the BBC's decision to chuck in the towel and conceed the libel case is understood to have been the threat of disclosures in court by the plaintiffs of the unsavoury background of Communism, organised crime and sexual perversion involving children underlying Searchlight,
disclosures which would have finished the smear sheet for good.

As it is, it has finally been disclosed in the mass media that Searchlight editor, Gable, and the magazine's founder Maurice Ludmer, are – or were in the deceased Ludmer's case – Communists who both stood as candidates for the Communist Party of Great Britain in local elections. This of course makes a mockery of their claim to be 'defending democracy', as the CPGB believes, or then
believed, in setting up a 'dictatorship of the proletariat'.

Still to be publically revealed is the criminal connection. Gable is a convicted burglar. His staff writer Manny Carpel has just done time for arson, and has convictions for sickening violence. Both Carpel and Gable are former members of the '62 Group', a band of Zionist thugs closely linked to organised
gangsterism in London's seedy Soho area.


The leader of the 62 Group was one Harry Bidney, who received a grovellingly flattering obituary in
Searchlight when he died a couple of years ago. Bidney whose long criminal record opened with a
conviction in 1950 for selling black market silk stockings in a market in Boston, Lincs ran the Coffee Pot, a sleazy cafe in Soho's Berwick Street which was one of the earliest centres of hard drug trafficking in London. But his real profession as emerged in court convictions, was pimping for homosexual paedophiles, supplying them with under-aged boys obtained from Piccadilly's notorious 'meat rack'.

Searchlight's hero and guru was himself a pervert: his tastes ran to homosexually raping 13 year-old boys of 'Nordic' appearance whilst Nazi marching music played in the background! In 1978 Bidney and a rich Jewish businessman (also a generous contributor to 'anti-fascist' causes) for whom he pimped, were convicted of disgusting offences involving young boys.


Bidney, Gable and Carpel's 62 Group was itself an offshoot of the 43 Group. This 'anti-fascist' gang of hoodlums, which included Bidney, was led by one Jack 'Spot' Comer, a 1950's Soho gangland baron and vice racketeer.

The 43 Group had to cease trading when the Jewish Board of Deputies denounced it for extorting money with menaces from Jewish shopkeepers – if they didn't pay exorbitant rates to 'advertise on programmes' of dances run by the Group at the Dorchester Hotel (then run by Jews rather than Arabs), mysterious 'fascists' broke their windows!

The 43 Group was politically linked to Herut, and its terrorist arm, the Irgun Zvei Leumi, better known as the Stem Gang. This murdered and tortured British Servicemen in Palestine in the 1940's. It was founded by one Ze'ev Jabotinsky in 1943 (as in '43 Group).

Jabotinsky was a Fascist, a self-proclaimed admirer of Mussolini (whose Fascist grand Council was at one stage one-third Jewish, including the then Chief Rabbi of Italy). Jabotinsky's terrorism aided the Axis war effort in the latter stages of the War, tying down in Palestine British soldiers badly needed in the European theatre.


It is ironic that Searchlight is always accusing British Nationalists of 'being part of an international fascist terrorist conspiracy' when on far more substantial evidence the 'anti-fascist journal' could itself be linked with not only international Fascist terrorism but also Soho gangsterism and the sordid sex slavery of little boys.

No wonder they didn't want all this coming out in court in a blaze of publicity, and bolted, leaving their hapless mugs at the BBC in the lurch, to pick up the bill and, in some cases, possibly lose their jobs. Not that it will do them any good: the beans on Searchlight will soon be well and truly spilled when the NF publishes its already researched and long- awaited in-depth expose on it.

The disgusting creeping things that hide under Searchlight's little stone may think they got off lightly on the Panorama libel case. But the daylight will soon be shining in. Then watch Gable and Co. writhe!.