28th July 2006

Below is our reply to questions sent to Redwatch by the Online Press Gazette today, 28th July 2006:

Would you say Redwatch does encourage such violent or negative behaviour against those listed on its site in anyway eg: in the case of Alan McFadden?
Redwatch does not encourage violence against political opponents – we never have done, we never will do. Redwatch was created as an online informational bulletin in 2001 for White Nationalists to use to identify potential attackers from violent Marxist groups. These groups include the 'Anti-Nazi League' and 'Anti-Fascist Action'. The decision to start Redwatch came after a vicious attack on a handful of National Front paper sellers in Leeds by a large mob of ANaL supporters. Members of such groups as ANaL and the AFA (Antifa) have a long history of violence against us and it is their tactic to 'expose' our supporters by supplying their activists with details of where we live, where we work, where we socialise, where our children go to school, etc., etc. This has resulted in attacks on our people's property and in their own homes, at work, school, even in the pubs they drink and the football grounds where they may go on a Saturday afternoon.
No-one has ever accused the Anti-Nazi League (or UAF or whatever they want to call themselves this week) of organising attacks on our people so why accuse us of the same? Their literature or websites never say 'Smash the Nazis with an iron bar!' or 'Fight Racism by kicking the teeth in of people who are racist' ,they just say 'Smash the Nazis!' or 'Fight Racism' which could be interpreted in whatever way you wish. In exactly the same way, Redwatch does not encourage attacks on political opponents and nowhere on our site do advocate the use of violence except in cases of self-defence.
In the case of the alleged assault on Mr McFadden. What has that got to do with Redwatch? Who is to say that the attack had anything to do with his politics? In the original newspaper report we read of a man barging into Mr McFadden's house and attacking him. If he'd shouted "Die you commie, I know who you are from the Redwatch website" or similar then maybe Redwatch could be implicated but Mr McFadden didn't report his attacker as saying a thing to him. That said, how do we know for certain that the incident even occurred? He has only his family to back up his story. Maybe it did happen and it was just someone drunk or on drugs who was slumped against his wall and Mr McFadden told him to clear off and the drunk attacked him? To say the man was using a knife, Mr McFadden's injuries don't look too bad. In fact the whole story reminds me of the Jewish crippled girl in Germany who rang the police to tell them that she'd been attacked by skinheads who had carved a swastika into her face with a knife. The press and TV were full of it for days; headline news; a march in her town by thousands of anti-racists; a letter from the Pope to the girl saying he'd prayed for her and every politician and celebrity demanding action against racists and anti-semites. Then the girl was charged with wasting police time! Police investigations discovered she'd carved the swastika into her face herself and concocted the whole thing! That story got a few lines tucked away in the local paper next to the small ads and was never reported again of course. Mr McFadden might not be expecting a letter from the Pope but he's received so much publicity and had his name mentioned in Parliament that he's quite a celebrity now. If the attack was political, which we doubt, his name and address are in the 'phone book and he's a leading light of local opposition to 'racism' so why say Redwatch are to blame?

Why do you list people’s names, addresses, contact details and car registrations?
As mentioned previously, members and supporters of White nationalist organisations are at constant risk of violent attack by political opponents. It is essential for people distributing Nationalist literature, for example, or perhaps stewarding a Nationalist event, to be able to identify opponents who may seek to cause them, or members of their party, harm or cause disruption to an event/activity. For example, earlier this year, two elderly men acting as stewards at a redirection point for a British People's Party meeting in Leeds were approached by a man with short hair who told them he had come for the meeting. As they were talking to him, they were attacked from behind by members of the so-called '635 Group', the local branch of the violent Antifa organisation. The young man merely pretended to be a Nationalist in order to distract their attention so an attack could be made. If that person's face had been on Redwatch, then the stewards would have known that that individual was out for trouble and they would have acted accordingly. They would also have been able to give the police his name if they had recognised him from Redwatch. The two stewards incidentally were both hospitalised, one receiving 12 stitches and a hairline fracture to his skull. No mention at all in the press about this attack yet the BPP issued a press statement later that day which was sent to all local newspapers and TV stations, but Mr McFadden's assault received full newspaper coverage and questions asked in Parliament. As for the addresses: Why do the press always print the address of a person who is appearing in court in their articles? If the case is on the TV they don't mention the address of the accused usually. Local interest? Or is it so someone can put a brick through the accused's windows if he's up for something anti-social? You tell me. Nationalist stewards act as security, i.e. their job is to make Nationalist meetings, etc. secure for the people who attend. Vehicles parked near the venue may be ones owned by opponents so stewards need to know if a suspect car might be parked there as a getaway for an attack on the activity, that's why registrations are noted on Redwatch.
What do you mean when you say “pay for their crimes” in your slogan: "Remember places, traitors' faces, they'll all pay for their crimes”?
As a National Socialist I admit that when we take power anyone who is opposed to, or has actively worked against, our Race and Nation's survival will be punished accordingly. People who betray something are traitors. We consider Marxists and Capitalists as traitors and they will face the people's courts someday to pay for their crimes.
Lazenby believes that journalists are a prime target on your site – would you agree with this?
Lazenby is a well known Marxist activist in Leeds. He is actively opposed to Nationalist parties and writes biased articles about them in the newspaper he works for. We, as Nationalists, are never given the right to reply. He harrasses the owners of venues who allow Nationalists to meet and does his best to get us barred from those venues in the future. He uses his status as a journalist to bully people into saying they will not allow us to meet there again. If they do not comply with his wishes he publishes an article in his paper naming them and the venue thus leaving the premises open to attack from Marxists or from local ethnics. A good example of this was a meeting booked last August in Leeds in remembrance of Mr John Tyndall, former BNP leader, who had recently died. The meeting was held at a West Leeds Conservative Club and openly booked by the organisers of the event, the Nationalist Alliance, in the NA's name. There was no trouble at the meeting, the room was complete with a staffed bar and everyone got on fine with the staff, the barmaids and manager even applauded the speakers. After the meeting had ended though, members of the openly violent 635 Group, a group Mr Lazenby has close involvement with (see attachment) smashed a couple of windows in the toilets from the outside. Mr Lazenby, obviously due to a tip-off from the 635 people, visited the club the next morning. He obviously got the club to say the room was booked under a false name and they had no idea who the organisation using the room were. He then got out of them the name and address of the person who booked the room which he proceeded to publish in the paper saying it was a false address. It wasn't but of course he didn't know that, or did he? He left the person who booked the room open to attack by publicising his name and address in a newspaper distributed across the county, exactly what Redwatch are accused of doing. Lazenby is not a 'target'. His face is on the homepage at present because although most journalists are not supporters of ours, he has been seen taking part in red demonstrations in Leeds, actually standing in the middle of them during the whole demo' whilst other journalists usually stand separately. The man is a poisonous red and he writes for the Zionist lie-sheet Searchlight as well as the Yorkshire Evening Post but I think that by describing journalists as 'prime targets' shows how important he likes to think he is.

Attachment contents:

From: "Richard Edwards" <>
Subject: Hello
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 16:22:40 -0000

Afternoon ladies and gents of the 635 group.
I am Richard Edwards from the Yorkshire Evening Post, you may remember me from brief contact we made last summer.
Read the posts about actions in Bramley with interest, just thought I'd get back in touch to re-open the lines of
communication and see if any of you fancy meeting me for a pint sometime. Purely to make contact at first then discuss
any possible future stories.
My colleague and National Union of Journalists comrade Pete Lazenby tells me he has been in touch and mentioned
the picket of the Nazi PO Box.
I can be contacted on this email, on 0113 2388503 or on 07799417508.
All the best.

(Yorkshire Evening Post)


From: "Richard Edwards" <>
To: "Harry Roberts" <>
Subject: protests
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 11:54:53 +0100

Hello at at 635,
Thought I'd drop you another message to see if you're interested in a chat before the Edinburgh protests take place.
It goes without saying the usual journalistic rules regarding sources would apply – i.e I'd do jail before giving any contacts away.
I'm available on 07799417508 or 0113 2432791 (ext 1503)
Otherwise try me after G8 has died down and hopefully we can arrange to meet for a general chat.
All the best,

Richard. (Yorkshire Evening Post)


From: Peter Lazenby <>
To: "Harry Roberts" <>
Subject: BNP
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 10:06:02 -0000


The BNP leafleted parts of Headingley this weekend. There were five of them, four men and a woman, with one car.
Among the streets they covered were Headingley Mount and Ash Crescent. They were delivering the Headingley Patriot.
Their presence was a concern to a number of Asian people who live there, who now feel frightened and intimidated. I've spoken to one resident who contacted me about this, Sue Buckle. She's approaching a student house which has an anti-fa poster in the window, to organise a team to do a counter leaflet, maybe to re-assure local Asian residents. Would Unite want to be involved and put some material out?
Sue is on Leeds 278 2296.


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28th July 2006

Some of the demonstrators pictured on the pages of Redwatch may be taking part in anti-war or anti-Zionist demonstrations. We feel we must state our position here: As White Nationalists we also stand opposed to the recent war crimes committed against the Lebanese people by the Zionist terrorists occupying Palestine, we are opposed to the occupation of Iraq and the U.S. government's bases in Europe, but these people pictured on these demonstrations are Marxists and would just as easily be taking part in a demonstration against the BNP. They see the crisis in the Middle East as being just another excuse to gain new recruits. Can you imagine anyone openly representing a White Nationalist organisation being welcomed on anti-Zionist or anti-war demonstrations such as the ones featured on Redwatch? Indeed, members of Nationalist parties have been physically ejected when attending such demonstrations recently, and these reds are the ones that claim we're 'anti-democratic'!

27th July 2006

To whom it may concern:

Below are photographs of the results of two incidents.

The first, on the left, is a photo' of former BNP leader Mr John Tyndall helping his injured 55-year-old wife up from the floor after both of them were attacked by a 40-60 strong mob of Marxist hooligans. The assault was filmed and photographed by the media as the couple were making their way to a perfectly legal meeting organised by the BNP. There were no questions asked in Parliament about this cowardly assault, Mr Tyndall's MP didn't contact him to see how he was feeling. The police weren't interested in the attack and those arrested were never charged.

On the right is one Alex McFadden, longterm supporter of a variety of Trotskyite front groups in the North East but now living in Liverpool. A few weeks ago Mr McFadden was allegedly attacked in his own home by a 'racist'. Even though the attacker never said a word to him, Mr McFadden says he was a victim of an attack by someone acting on information published on the REDWATCH website. Without any proof to substantiate these allegations, Mr McFadden was paraded on TV and in the papers as being the victim of 'violent racists'. His local MP even took up his campaign, appealing to the home secretary to take action against the 'evil' Redwatch site and to close it down. Mr McFadden, who loves the publicity, is now a cause célèbre amongst his fellow lefties and is always in the papers.

Let's examine the two incidents:
One, a couple DEFINITELY attacked by a mob for having a differing political viewpoint totally ignored by the media and the stooges in Parliament. They get no sympathy at all either from the Media, the politicians or the police.

The other, a Marxist supporter of violent groups such as AFA and the IRA, CLAIMING to have been attacked in his own home with no witnesses but his own family to back up his story and sporting a scratch that could have been made by a bad-tempered moggie. He gets maximum publicity from the Media and the story is debated in the House of Commons with police taking a big interest.

Quite honestly, forget the politics of both individuals, which do you think should have their assault debated in Parliament? Which assault should have received extensive coverage by the media. Which should the police really make an effort over convicting the attackers?

Come on, we know reds will be reading this, be honest...