As is widely known, Redwatch is loved for its exposure of the Marxist filth that infest our nation. These red morons believe that we White Nationalists should be pasted up across their websites and denigrated at their will but they hate it when the same thing happens to them. Quite often the reds and their fellow travellers the liberals decide to have a pop at us via e-mail, usually using hotmail and yahoo addresses as a cover, so we've decided to add their rantings to this new section on Redwatch. Please note that all postings are as we received them and no changes to grammar or spelling have been made.

----- Original Message -----
From: Isaac Eastgate –
Sent: Sunday, June 14, 2009 1:14 AM
Subject: Use of images on your website

I was browsing your site and really liked the pictures of some of the labour campaigners.
Unfortunately, it didnt take me long to track down and many of the original owners. I therefore suggest you remove them all, before i contact each of the original photographers which can easily be found for around three quarters of the copyrighted works, who i will take a personal interest in arranging legal help for in order to sue the fuck out of you, you ignorant racist pricks. I am deadly serious, and if you fail to remove all the photos which you do NOT own express permission and correct licensing to use you'll face some pretty heavy handed lawsuits. While you live in britain you are going to have to abide by the law just like everyone else
Yours faithfully, Isaac Westworth*


----- Original Message -----
From: Chachayal Quoqerongoraan –
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009 12:58 PM
Subject: you missed a few :-)

Why is my wife and i not on redwatch? We have been active for a few years now and we are dissapointed that we have not had the honour of being listed on your site! Youre slacking!!!! You have a lot of information that is incorrect – a bit like your policies! Anyway keep up the good work as the redwatch site serves a very good purpose to show potential bnp members what you  are really like! Anyway hope you lose the election that is coming up, all the best from us two in Huddersfield! Dont worry we remember the national front even if you claim not to!

p.s. cant you get some better cameras? A lot of the photos are quite blurry.

----- Original Message -----
From: Corey Soper –
Sent: Monday, May 25, 2009 9:33 PM
Subject: A mistake on Redwatch

Dear Aryan Superhero Fascist Types,
I am writing to inform you of a mistake on the York section of your website, Redwatch. You have included several photos of a recent PSC march; being associated with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign I can in confidence inform you (and you generally need informing)  that it is a rather Middle Class, by-the-book outfit; hardly the hardened Red revolutionary cabal you seem to observe. A vast proportion of people on Redwatch are not, by anyone's definition, a leftist, radical, socialist, anarchist, or communist.

Similarly, I'd like to quiz you on the idealolgy you are attempting to espouse. Near the bottom of your website you criticise Free Market Capitalism, whilst the entire website is an (often slanderous and threatening) attack on Socialism and Socialists. Corporatism? Blatant Fascism?

I'd also like to take a second to ask how Redwatch could possibly be legal. There are slanderous comments on the website, aswell as incitements to violence and breaches of people's right to privacy. Even people whose insane views make them utter social pariahs must have to justify it to themselves, surely? Why keep this diary of hate?

Redwatch and the parties associated with it are miniscule, and represent no-one. Why trouble decent, tolerant society with your idiosyncratic nonsense?

A concerned and baffled Socialist,
Corey James Soper, esq.

----- Original Message -----
From: Mark Watson –
Sent: Monday, May 25, 2009 6:12 AM
Subject: list

Look - I am a red – I sent you my name and adress and a picture.

Why am I not on your list ?


----- Original Message -----
From: Mark Watson –

Sent: Friday, May 22, 2009 7:27 PM
Subject: so....

Why am I not on your list yet? – I sent you my stuff.

----- Original Message -----
From: Mark Watson –
Sent: Monday, May 18, 2009 9:21 PM
Subject: I hope i cna go on the list.

Dear sir / madam

I hate nazis and have worked tirelessly all my life
to make them look daft.

I must qualify for your list surely.

mark watson
41 heath st easville bristol

you tube  – zaskarfilms – special anti bnp section and everything.

I hope I make the grade.


Mark Watson, who also loves black cock – that should do it eh ?

Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 14:50:41 +0100

I'm a YCL (young communist league) member, a  REVOLUTION (socialist youth organization) member, an Amnesty International member and I'm currently sponsoring a child in Mozambique- I'd like to have my details posted on your site because I'd just find that incredibly flattering. I wont post my address since I live with my family (I'm only 17) but you can find me in a village called Corbridge about half an hours drive from Newcastle. I attent Queen Elizabeth High School in Hexham, so you'll be able to track me down from there. To know what I look like you'll have to visit my facebook page
I'm probably not important enough for anything more than a mild beating at this stage, but I'm hoping to go to either Oxford or Cambridge in the not too distant future and then get into politics, so hang onto this info and once my status warrants a stabbing of some sort I hope you wont forget me!

Yours disdainfully,
Nick Brittlebank

P.S- I hope you choke on a black cock, just for the sheer multi-faceted irony.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, May 11, 2009 3:34 PM
Subject: None of you will do shit.

None of you will ever touch me. You're all talk, and false bravado. We kicked your nazi scumfuck asses in WW2, and if any of you actually have the balls to get a hold of me, we can have a little re-enactment.

----- Original Message -----
From: mat Clarke –
Sent: Monday, April 20, 2009 1:59 AM

hey guys.

how come you guys dont have me on your website? an angry looking thug with beard got upset when i called him a fascist and took my photograph, but you've not put me up? so dissappointed. i'll be attending anti-capitalist rallies in edinburgh, and handing out anti-BNP leaflets again in Carlisle. i would be ever so pleased if you'd put me on if you get the chance, id be proud to be on your site. you guys do realise we see it as a badge of honour, right?
much love,

mat clarke xxx

----- Original Message -----
From: Jennifer Jacobs –
Sent: Sunday, April 19, 2009 3:03 PM

 I am not going to tell you how sick I think you all are, you probably fucking love it when people like me go on about how you're all scum and have a good wank about it when you read it. But what are you really achieving?
 I am white, I am British, I am 'aryan' – blonde hair, blue eyes etc. but how does that give me the right to think any differently of people who are black or or asian or any other fucking person you have a problem with? Do you really want to live in a world full of hate? Because you're succeeding by making people hate you and everything you stand for.
 This is the first kind of action I have taken against people like you, ordinarily I wouldn't give people like you the time of day, I'd just ignore you. So why don't you do the same with people 'like me'? I can't see how you can justify any of this, I don't see how putting people on this pathetic site can do you any good? Because what you're doing is fucking illegal and if I ever see my face on this fucking site you'll get what you fucking deserve.

Jennifer :)

----- Original Message -----
From: Ben Hickman –
To: ;
Sent: Friday, March 27, 2009 11:52 AM

You poor bastards. I know politics is confusing sometimes, but with a little effort things can become clearer. Marxism is the only answer for the working class; white supremacy and racism are simply distractions -- that is why you're allowed to continue, because you channel a small section of working-class anger into these harmless and insignificant channels. Viva la revolucion!

----- Original Message -----
From: warren gali –
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 4:38 AM
Subject: fuck you mother fucker


----- Original Message -----
From: David Jacobson –
Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009 11:42 PM
Subject: ...


I'm a writer, and I'm looking to do a piece about the controversy of Nick Griffin having his details published by the ANL.

I want to look at the response of the British National Party to this blatant infringement of his civil liberties, how the media twisted them and what the aims of / .net etc in fact are.

Below are a list of questions, if you could answer any of them I'd be very grateful.

1. What is the purpose of

2. Is Redwatch a subsidary of the British National Party or an independent operation?

3. In light of the Nick Griffin Address scandal, how do you defend the actions of RedWatch in releasing photographs of those you regard as against our political beliefs?

4. What are your intentions when releasing photographs?

5. Do you condone action taken against those, outed on your website, by third parties?

6. How do you feel about the persistent attempts to have RedWatch shut down, that seem to go against free speech?

7. Why do you think there is a negative feeling in the liberal media towards RedWatch and the British National Party?

8. How do you respond to the accusation that you're Nazis?

Like I say, any answers you could give me would be really useful. If there are questions you don't want to answer or you want to write something that doesn't fit with my questions, feel free. If I could get a name of whose words

I am reading I'd really appreciate that, otherwise would you object to me referring to the writer of your response as 'A representative of RedWatch'?

Thanks for your time,
David Jacobson
Freelance Reporter

----- Original Message -----
From: Caleb Kemp –
Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2009 2:00 AM
Subject: FUCK YOU

Bismallah I demand you shut this evil jew web site down.  I am a Bi-sexual white muslim soldier in the british army SAS and i can kick all your asses by my self

----- Original Message -----
From: "Krystian Whellans" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2008 5:27 PM
Subject: Oi


REMOVE all information about Brian Henderson or I will fucking have you!

----- Original Message -----
From: Ian Doherty –
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2008 6:40 PM
Subject: Liverpool Reds

Hello, I have found some personal infomation on your website and I am asking you to remove it before I have to contact the police. I have already been checked and found innocent of the so called "calls" I made. I also know the person who is responcable for blaming me and is currently under investigation by the police.

Please remove my personal infomation from your website and I will not report it.

Thank you, Ian Doherty

----- Original Message -----
From: "Pete Marshall Photojournalist" <>
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008 11:28 AM
Subject: Invoice from Pete Marshall Photojournalist

Please see attached invoice.


Accounts Dept.
Pete Marshall Photojournalist

----- Original Message -----
From: Joseph Rooker –
Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2008 10:35 PM
Subject: Hi


Can you please confirm that all BNP members are basically too simple to join  a proper party and are ignorant, lazy, and in fear of the hard work that immigrants may do?

Cowards and simpletons that will never amount to anything!! 

Bless, if only you knew what you were doing!

Joe Rooker
Freelance Journalist and PR
59 The Mount

----- Original Message -----
From: James Morgan –
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 5:09 PM
Subject: Can I just be the first to say.........

how wonderful it is that the details of every B.N.P. member are now in the public domain?
Certainly makes your piss-poor little site look extremely amateur. Unless of course my suspicions are correct and you just like posting pictures of people's children.

----- Original Message -----
From: k d –
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2008 6:37 PM

nazi scum

----- Original Message -----
From: Emily –
Sent: Friday, October 31, 2008 8:12 PM
Subject: scum

you people are scum and are the only ones who deserve to be hanged. nazis. oh by the way im jewish

----- Original Message -----
From: dave smith –
Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 11:28 PM

Dear Mr Hitler,
                    I am disapointed to see the ignorence of united kingdom continueing in the form of a fascist website designed to keep tabs on the local 'commie'
I am highly disapointed that your brownshirts havnt found me yet, well i have attached a picture of my self for u to add to your archives of hatred. In your ignorence
the views of past assholes have continued to threaten the modern world. Racism, the most ignorant factor of any politcaly minded person is dispised by the masses.
By my political judgement how can a facist party plan on taking power in england by keeping open databases of pictures of people, surley in the modern united kingdom people
are going to rave about there rights of privicy, infact isnt it illegal to gain pictures and publish them on a internet website without the permission of the person in the picture. As a anarchist i dispise ur insesent ignorence i would be happy to be one of the many that have sent your website hate mail.
following the political beliefs that you do makes me laugh. Hitler in all his masterfull wisdom didnt care for his people, all he wanted was a empire under the german flag. Take for instance the ultimate argue always put forward but that anoying skinhead i see in the street. Hitler gave the people hope and jobs, hope is one thing but the jobs were a flawed arguement. From the jobs created the german people were put into work but the contries economy spirled out of controll and hitler was left with the ultimate question, food or guns. Spot the obvious answer.
As for the British nationalist party, i would say the nation as a whole is completly court up in its democractic system. trying to create social change in a contries mindset is possibly to big
for the ignorence of the likes of right wing nobs that follow you.
So anyway i seemed to have rambled on about how shit the rightwing are and i hope i met the creator of this website so i can shit onto his children while ill stab and bludgeon him with a hammer and sickle.
I look forward to hearing your reponse from ur extremly brightminded users.
May anarchy and freedom reign.

Fuck you

----- Original Message -----
From: Lisa Marriott –
Sent: Sunday, October 12, 2008 9:53 PM

Hey there.

My picture has been on your website for a couple of years now. Of the people I know that have also had their photo put up, I don't know any that could be described as Marxists. I was just wondering how your elite spies discovered this?

I look forward to being photographed again next Saturday.



----- Original Message -----
From: Paul Green
Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2008 7:55 PM

u lot r so stupid it makes me lol! gutted 2 b u!

----- Original Message -----
From: emma blackwood <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2008 9:30 AM

I am a white british girl who served in the armed forces for 5 and a half years i am proud to be british and so is my boyfriend he is a royal marine commando and he is black. I love black cock. I think your website is a joke.

----- Original Message -----
To: ; Aamer Iqbal
Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2008 4:43 PM
Subject: red

you are probably the worst people in the world. i hope you are ashamed.

----- Original Message -----
From: alan knight –
Sent: Saturday, September 06, 2008 11:05 PM
Subject: aryan is asian you know?

lol for the record aryans are not some western crap that THINKS its aryan hahaha ive never laughed so hard, True aryans adopted buddhism in asia you dumb moron rofl aryans are NOT western whites please learn some history :D

----- Original Message -----
From: jim cartwright -
Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2008 6:58 PM
Subject: We're not afraid

Now i know you gonna post this i know your gonna ridicule it i know you might research me and put me on your sickass site but heres the thing what your doing is wrong you talk about freedom of speech and then try to silence the left, your scum and we're not afraid, fine publish me fine do whatever the left is sick of you you cant bully us with your thugish fear tactics we're not going anywhere we wont be silenced so do what you want you sick nazi bastads, hasta la victoria siempre!

----- Original Message -----
From: Marco Biagi –
Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 10:53 PM
Subject: Offended by omission

Hello there,

I note your very interesting site, Redwatch. I obviously disagree with you and all you stand for, but I was amazed to see Labour party activists who participate in UAF there in the photos and not Scottish National Party activists. Given our belief in a non-discriminatory society with free and equal access to opportunities to all, do we not qualify for the same level of bile and hatred? The SNP does after all propose the end of nuclear weapons, withdrawal from Iraq, a fair taxation system, rejection of privatisation, opposition to nuclear weapons, and constitutionally-enshrined rights for all (and the first Muslim MSP). I did notice two SNP members amongst your photos, but observed that your general focus in Scotland seemed to be on the SSP and Solidarity, who - frankly – are not going to be undermining your (presumably) beloved United Kingdom any time soon. Perhaps you should consider treating the SNP in similar terms, and harassing us just as much as anyone else.


----- Original Message -----
From: Arron Lambert –

Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2008 2:10 AM

To redwatch
You makes me laugh because you seem to reckon its us whos brain washed and that whites are actually somehow supirior and that non-whites are harmfull when not only is that evidently twisted bullshit but even if that was the case and media and science had been lying, most people really wouldn't give a fuck and would carry on respecting there fellow man. What a waste of time this website is grassing people who you call sovietist (which is an ideology very much like youre own). Why the hell have you put iraq war protesters up, youve already said you agree with them. The world has enough regimes of youre category in the middle east. Basically youre problem isnt that you dont have freedom of speech, it isnt even that no-one will listen. Its just the fact that everything you say is mindless bullshit that sounds like its come from a brainwashed dumb arse who cant get a grip on reality. keep it real.

----- Original Message -----
From: first last –
Sent: Monday, March 24, 2008 11:04 PM
Subject: Immigration resolvment Idea

Dear nazis

I am keen to tell you of an idea. There is an island in the Antarctic ocean called Bouvet island roughly the same degrees from the equator as Britain and it is completely uninhabited. It's about four miles squared so considering the number of nationalists about there would be more than enough room. There is so much snow that all year round its constantly your favourite colour! There is also an active volcano but ah well. Think about it. Hope this helps.

yours sincerely

Mr Frank Lee Yushud-Furcough

----- Original Message -----
From: Arron Lambert –

Sent: Monday, March 24, 2008 5:24 PM
Subject: Redwatch

Hi, this letter is pointless because you’ll ignore the message in the same way as anyone with a brain will ignore your message. But I’ve got time to kill and your probably also feeling bored and need a change of activity from “red” “monitoring” (lol) or whatever other pass times you do. Just out of interest, what does it feel  like to be so far up your own arse? It’s funny because your taking such a cowardly stance against the “commies” when in reality they’re almost as unlikely to get into power as you are! Shouldn’t you be more afraid of the fact that no-one could give a shit about your ignorant phobias and you just look like some little twat on the internet in some playground style squabble! Haha. If you want to be selectively bred in the same way as poodles and sheep then go fuck yourselves because the worlds got bigger problems. I’d get help if I were you but you’ve probably grown too attached to your little play spy game and don’t wanna grow the fuck up. You almost make me laugh but then it is pitifully depressing reading this bullshit. Haven’t you yet considered the irony that you think it’s everyone else who is brainwashed?

So far you havent had the balls to display any of my letters let alone reply! How lame is that! youre a fucking pussy and half the people on youre photos are protesting on what you say you agree with! HAHA What the fuck!

----- Original Message -----

Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 9:37 PM
Subject: reds

you are clearly not people, you're savage, fucked up alien freaks who believe they deserve a place in the world.
well you don't.
i've never been so sickened in my life as to see such a disgusting site.
who's fucking idea was this?
how about i give you my name address and telephone number so that you can come beat me now? isn't that what you do? anyone to oppose you, and you have their windows smashed, their cars torched, have them beaten? and for what speaking their minds?
somehow i don't think it's fair for you to go stomping all over other people for speaking their minds, when you shout and scream yours daily, and yours are full of racism and the inability to accept that you will never in this fight. arseholes.
i've never known anything so pathetic in my life.
"This is Britain, home of Brits, and Brits only, so pack up you black arses and leave"
may i ask what the BNP intend to do with mixed race families? families who have a drop of blood in them from generations and generations before? those who's parent's may have been born in another country, but the them themselves born here.
is having a multi-racial country not something to be proud of? is it really that awful to you that you feel racism is the only way to solve it and make you feel better?
will a "white Britain" truly make you sleep better at night, despite the lives you ruin between trying to achieve this??
and may i also ask how many people are supporting the "BNP" as opposed to those ridiculing it? because from what i see and hear each day, the BNP are the scum of the streets and a multiracial Britain is going to bring us forward.
Do you not know or have strong likings or feelings of love for anyone, who is asian? european? mixed race? or anything other than white?
and who are you to decide what is coloured?
i have no idea how racist fucks like you manage to get away with giving away innocent people's personal details on these websites, in order to have them scarred for life?
so not only are you racists, you are dangerous, and violent.
who do you think you are the secret mafia of today's society?
i think not.
Your a set of low-life's that have nothing better to do with their time! GET A REAL FUCKING JOB!
oh yeah and give up the act, we know all about your asian porno....
lot's of love

----- Original Message -----
From: "rainbow antynazi" –
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, March 08, 2008 5:25 PM
Subject: from Poland

fuck you stupid nazi!
you're nothing! 0!

I'm lesbian and I have my lesbian PRIDE! you have nothing! bitch!!!
popierzony kretyn... twoja matka musila byc dziwka i zlapac kiłe przed
urodzeniem takiego genetycznego niewypalu.

----- Original Message -----
From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, February 15, 2008 5:48 AM
Subject: Why You Exist


I'm not going to pretend to be sympathetic to your people or whatever, but I was intrigued by something on your site.  On the "Why We Exist" ( it is stated "The bastards once published a pamphlet naming my (then) 8 and 6 years old girls and the school they went to!" and I was wondering if you could give details of which people did that and what was said, or whatever is possible, though obviously without that information included.

Also you claim not to be run by Aryan Unity, but at the same time, the email address is one of theirs to contact you.  I could probably figure this out with some research I presume but thought I'd just ask.

As to the means of communication, I really can't be bothered with any crap at the moment so yes, I am not going to be using normal methods of email which might reveal details.  If you could please visit you will find a post with the ability for you to post a comment.

I can't think of a reason to add this to your fan mail page, but equally for obvious reasons, I don't much care either way.  The blogspot is purely made for receiving responses, as I'm unable to on this address, so I equally don't care if other people know it's there.

Anyway, bye for now.

----- Original Message -----
From: Captian Kidd –
Sent: Friday, February 15, 2008 4:41 AM
Subject: Dream
 I would like to tell you about a dream had about you people. It is nothing sick or bad but it is funny it has to do with my step sister who is mexican if you let me you think it is funny what happen to my step sister. So if you want to tell you please email me back I would like to tell you

----- Original Message -----
From: "Max Nilsson-Ladner" –
To: <>
Sent: Monday, February 04, 2008 10:32 PM

Thanx for putting me on your fan page. My boyfriends gonna piss 
himself laughing (out his BLA CK dick)! Suck my aryan interracial 
loving cock you pathetic closet case monkey fuckers! Please die some 
day soon! Bye for now shit for brains!

----- Original Message -----
From: lucille o'hagan -

Sent: Friday, February 01, 2008 11:01 PM
Subject: Running Riot

Hi, I saw pictures of the band Running Riot on your site after a search. I used to live in dublin and was friendly with a guy called 'Fazer' who drummed with Running Riot. Does anyone know is he still with them or playing drums??  Would love to hear from him or know where I can catch up. 



----- Original Message -----
From: Charlie Harris

Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 11:50 PM
Subject: Hello shitbags

Hello RedWatch.
   I was wondering if I could ask rationally why you guys think you have the right to treat other people like absolute crap. People appearing on your site are often attacked, and to be honest the site itself is fascist bollocks.
   You say you love Britain, but you're a Nazi (the biggest foe Britain has ever had – and we went to war under a right-wing government too); you say you stand for justice yet you attack people on the street and break the laws of the country you claim to love; you say that the socialists, marxists and communists are the enemy, but in my opinion – and in many peoples' opinions – they are the only answer.
   I myself am a socialist, and proud of it; I'm a liberal, and proud of it; I'm a member of CND, and proud of it. I read the Morning Star daily and I have to say that I don't hate you. You're not worthy of hate. To hate something you have to have the respect for it to display strong opinions. I don't hate you, I just consider you to be the scum of the earth.
By the by, put me on your shitty little site under the 'Oxford Reds' section. I'm not fussed; picture enclosed. My name's Charlie Harris, my mobile number's 07766593612, I live in Newbury, I go to school in central Oxford. If you want any other info, let me know.
Peace x

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 8:46 PM
Subject: (no subject)

it seems to me that you guys just arent getting any.

----- Original Message -----
From: Charlie Sturge -

Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2008 10:38 PM


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, December 22, 2007 1:14 PM

You people are fucking retards,i am heavily involved in the scottish anarchist movement and have been for several years now,but not once has anyone i know been attacked by you idiots.This leads me to believe you consist of a few sad and pathetic old men who cant find girlfriends and are bored with wanking over free porn on the net and have resorted to producing this nonsense,you cunts are all mouth you post pictures of middle aged housewifes and buisinessmen and the occasional student who happen to be wearing a red t-shirt or be walking thru a train station? Not once have i seen an actual activst .fucking useless retards,front line my arse,we outnumber you scum,and i guess if we didn't more of our demos and actions would be targeted,bring it on you fucking scum show your nazi scum face on the street and we will fight the pigs just to get near enough to you cunts to tear off your reproductive organs with a rusty bowsaw and nip this plague in the bud.Another thing nazi scum,what ever happened to the N.F.?????WE WON YOU LOST,GET OVER IT.

----- Original Message -----
From: amy strathmore –
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2007 12:03 PM

y do you people thaink that u have the right to post peoples pictures because u dont like them u know one day the police will catch u for this and i hope that u all get wats coming to u. they should bring bak the death sentence for people like u. that might help show u the value of life and that all people deserve to have it how would you like it if u were beaten for wat you do. you are all very sick indivduals and i think u all need some help
one day u will grow out of this little fase and im hopeing for your sake it dont take to long

----- Original Message -----
From: Charlie Sturge -
Sent: Monday, December 10, 2007 9:12 PM
Subject: YOU


----- Original Message -----

Sent: Friday, November 30, 2007 12:35 AM
Subject: RedWatch

I happen to know one of the 'scumbags' listed on your site.
What would you like? Full name, address, University, extremely shameful past, FaceBook account which he/she lists ALL future plans and activities?
I look forward to hearing from you.

----- Original Message -----
From: Matt Wheatley
Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2007 8:56 PM
Subject: Me

I cant find myself on your site, come on pull yourselves together. Only one of my comrades is on your site.

I would give you pics of myself but it would be cheating, I'll be more noticably Marxist from know on.

----- Original Message -----
From: Olly Edwards
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2007 9:59 PM

Hello there.

I want to thank you ever so much, but I wonder what you are going to acheive. I want to thank you for giving Socialists a reason for existing. See, I must truly admit, that from my perspective, you are terrible fucking scum who shouldnt even grace this earth with their presence. You are the reason I exist.
To bomb your houses, to change your perspectives.
Are you forgetting that the resistance against you is higher than that for you. You may have the BNP, but tell me, when did Mr Griffiths ever stop being a far right nationalist twat of such great proportions. I know where he lives. In fact, I can see his house from mine. Amazing that, with this knife I have in my hand, I should really go and stab such a useless piece of shit. But I won't. Keep your enemies closer. See we dont want to attack your followers, we want to attack you. The slight unease and drips of sweat run down your neck when you get home and realise all is not right. You realise that there isnt just the gung ho socialists with the guns and knives. There are those who bide their time. Not to do what you do, provoke, but remember some key things.

1. I have no reason to fear you    
2. I am surveying everything redwatch and BNP do, I can see some favourable tactics for getting rid of those in charge
3. The real alternative for all workers Black or White, is a fair working class system.

Just watch your back

---- Original Message -----
To: Olly Edwards
Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2007 12:33 AM
Subject: Re:

Thanks for your details idiot, we've passed them on to the police and Tiscali, your internet provider.
IP address location & IP address info:
IP address [?]:
IP address country: United Kingdom 
IP address state: Bristol, City of
IP address city: Bristol
IP address latitude: 51.450001
IP address longitude: -2.583300
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From: Olly Edwards
Sent: Thursday, November 22, 2007 1:35 PM

To the Owners of Redwatch.
Fine, I apologise for causing harassment, in this case I was severley impaired by my social view and anger and provided inaccurate opinions and views I see as inappropriate to my cause. I am 17 and a commited socialist and I acted very immaturely and corrupt. My opinion of your group is still that I believe it has no place in society. I didnt mean to cause harm, I do not live near Nick Griffiths and I own no weapon of any sort. I will accept any police intervention you have caused upon me, but I have decided to formally apologise for my actions within the email sent 19/11/2007. It cannot be undone and I am sure that I will hear in time the outcome of my deed.
An opposing opinion should not be placed in a way it is threatening or offensive, causing any harassment and/or harm to another person/persons. I have studied law and know the details. I am sure, now the deed has been done, you will choose not to take this apology. My view of your group and anything affiliated with it still stands. But any unlawful action or verbal harassment that was done is sincerely taken back and did not mean to lead to any non verbal abuse. You may think my view is corrupt, as do I on yours, but  I hope, even with any intervention to the criminal system, you will take this in to full account.

Yours faithfully



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To: Olly Edwards
Sent: Thursday, November 22, 2007 2:51 PM
Subject: Re:


Fuck off you dickhead, that was us bullshitting. We don't give info' to the police unlike your scummy middle-class Marxist mates who seem to love ringing the police whenever a Nationalist says "Boo!" to them.
Don't bother contacting us again, instead why not e-mail Marxist websites like ANTIFA, STOP THE BNP and SEARCHLIGHT and tell them to close down their sites, as they caused Redwatch to start because of them targetting our people, and we'll close down ours in response. Is that good enough for you?


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From: Alan Fisher
To: ;
Sent: Friday, November 09, 2007 1:07 AM
Subject: You sad people

How long before you realise that portraying yourselves as the victims just isn't going to work??  Everyone knows what your poor memebers do with the photos you present here.  By the way, mine isn't there nor will it ever be ;)

Call me a traitor because i am, my girlfriend is black and french and I hate the BNP and all you scum stand for.  Go ahead and take power, I will fight you all the way to dover chaps if you even come close to realising your sick dreams....traitors're comical and insane...

oh and do you know something interesting?  The last acknowledged King of the Aryans was..........clue, Alexander the Great took his Empire away from him... no word of a lie, look it up, the Persians were Aryans  hahhahahahaha  the Iranians of today are more Aryan than you will ever be!!

Have fun with your pointless copying and pasting ;o)

Shadow Wolf

----- Original Message -----
From: michael horne
Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2007 1:17 AM

You are a sad bunch of unintelligent fucked up disterbed individuals. You've have got serious issues and you should seek professional help and maybe a tiny bit of fuckin education. Have you ever read a book? you ignorant fuckers. You have much to learn about life but more importantly much to learn about your selves.
Put all your wasted negative shit into something posative like fighting all the injustices throughout the world. Get a grip on reality the brainwashed conditioned sheep.

----- Original Message -----
From: Tom Pernet
Sent: Monday, November 05, 2007 4:59 PM

look guys, i value the right to say what you want NO MATTER WHAT OPINION YOU'RE OF, WHAT RACE, CREED, OR BIRTH YOU ARE OF above most all others but ive got to say; anger for the sake of anger and barely comprehensible, lazy words from the fat tongue of the overpaid biggot goes a bit fair and no level of selective and bone idle research will change the fact that the manner in which the british nazional party get their hateful points accross is well basically a fucking joke. go for it beat people who do nothing to harm you IN ANY FUCKING WAY, target those who oppose you, speak like a mute, no one in their right mind will fear you, youre way too bloody lazy and insincere. i absolutely despise what you say but i would be willing to die for you to say it, so please you nationalistic, angry, bourgeois pricks at least think through what violent outbursts of absolute bollocks you want to preach because you make me laugh at you, the poster boys of the nonsense that is nationalism.
your anarchist counterpart, tom

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From: razon ahmed
Sent: Sunday, November 04, 2007 3:09 AM


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From: S Smith
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 8:06 PM
Subject: HELLO

Dear Everyoneat RedWatch,
I 've seen you on tv tonight, I'm from Hull and to be honest I never even knew you existed. I am one of those you threaten. I am British, I have lived here all my life, my parents have lived here all their lives, but Im not white (I know you must be disgusted). My parents work, as community workers infact, I also study law at Hull University.
I would appreciate it if you would read what I have to say; I know that you are very much in favour of Britain being British, you're proud to be British, you think and speak very highly of this country, but your statements are very hypocritical indeed, as you don't even abide by the British Law System. It seems to me you have your own way of thinking and your own rules, well I'm sorry to say the majority of us DONT.
Our Community like all others involves everyone coming together, comprimising and finding easier, happier ways to live. How the hell can you achieve that by highlighting people that are different, putting them in danger and threatening their lives.
Towards the end of the program I read that you have a po box address that originated from Catherine Street that was empty, then I came to the conclusion that none of us should even be worried, you'll never be the majority, you'll always lurk in dark dingy corners because thats where you belong. Nobody even cares to listen to you which is why you don't run an office or have flyers.

----- Original Message -----
From: Alistair Black
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 7:50 PM
Subject: thick shits

Alright, firstly i want to point out that your website itself is complete shit.

Do some fucking work on it if you expect anyone to take you as anything other than the thick-shit bunch of nazi throwbacks that you all are. The piss-poor quality of the site demonstrates nicely your inaptitude to develop anything decent, least of all opinions.

Secondly, here is my phone number- 07872 064 705
Show some fucking face, ring me. Let's fucking fight dickwads.
I say this knowing you won't ever contact me because you are a bunch of fuck-ended pussies.

I seriously pity you cunts for your unintelligence, your lack of bollocks and most importantly because you are lower in the human heirarchy than ANY of the supposed "reds" (what the fuck?) that you all hate so much. You talk of hating the government and all this kind of tough-sounding bullshit so lets fucking see it. Do something. Fucking do anything to prove that this isnt just a joke website set up by some eleven-year old girls with too much time on their hands and fucked up senses of humour.
I challenge you to do something. Again, knowing that you really won't.

Fuck off to somewhere like the Congo where you'll get fucked by "niggers" with knives bigger than your dicks will ever be you skin-head cunts.


ps. For the record I'm white, heterosexual and English and I have no more of a right to live here than anyone else in the world.

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From: Karen Jackson
Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 5:24 PM
Subject: BBC

Dear Redwatch – the BBC Inside Out programme, based in Yorkshire, is doing a documentary looking at the activities of the far right on the web. We have  spoken to a couple of people who say they have suffered abuse and attacks after featuring on the Redwatch site. They also allege that your site incites violence against people who disagree with your political views.

I would like to include a response from your site as to the purpose of Redwatch and why you continue to print the names and addresses, photographs and personal details of people on your site.

I would be grateful if you could send your response by close of business on Friday 26th October to allow us to include it in the programme.

Regards, Karen Jackson

This e-mail (and any attachments) is confidential and may contain personal views which are not the views of the BBC unless specifically stated.
If you have received it in error, please delete it from your system.
Do not use, copy or disclose the information in any way nor act in reliance on it and notify the sender immediately.
Please note that the BBC monitors e-mails sent or received.
Further communication will signify your consent to this.

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From: "*Becky*" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, October 15, 2007 5:41 PM
Subject: Hmmm...

I honestly feel sorry for you that you resort to such awful tactics to get your point across. If you may, (and perhaps I'm just naive), what is so wrong about  socialism, Marxism and communism?

Thank you.


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From: Max Nilsson-Ladner <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2007 5:18 PM
Subject: Fuck you Nazi motherfuckers

You fucking cunts, go spend a week living like a local in Nigeria and  then wonder why they come here.

YOU didn't create this country. People who've long since died did.  You took no part in it and your being born here is pure luck.

Nationalism is fucking moronic!

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From: Joe Normal
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2007 10:52 PM
Subject: Report Of Manchester Reds


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2007 2:51 PM
Subject: buncy of ballbags....

You've obviously got you're minds made up, , but i just had to tell you what a bunch of pathetic losers you are. I cant believe that living in times when our government has let us down, our kids are going wayward and that people feel a genenral dissafection with our lives, you spend your time stirring up this kind of crap, blaming the "enemy" on people of other people of political persuasion and other colours!! how fucking thick are you? can you not see the bigger picture? we're  living in a shit situation due to out governments actions, not due to who lives on our islands. call me a commie if you want, but i love Britain and i fucking Hate vermin like you, peddling your filth to people who dont know any better. You're ideology is sending this country down the drain which is whati thought you stood against, and i fucking despise you for the part you most definately play in turning Britain into a violant lawlwess hellhole. Fuck You....

----- Original Message -----
From: first last
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2007 9:31 PM
Hey redwatch. I’ve had the greatest idea.
How about we get USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, South east Asia, Pacific, South America, Caribbean islands, Spain, and so on to send back all there British immigrants and just keep shipping them all over until there’s over 150 million of us.
Then instead of only sending back first generation immigrants, Britain could genetically trace through everyone and send away all the Islamic, Asian, African, Middle eastern, Indian, continental European; Anglo Saxon, Dane, Jew, Norse, Roman, Celt, late stone age Beaker immigrants  ... etc descendants, so there’s just purest refined selection of true British people.
Then build a big prison for the remaining communists, capitalists, anarchist, liberals, conservatives, democrats, socialists, collectivists, feminists, libertarians, royalists, republicans, greens, homosexuals, peace protesters, mentally disabled, independent media, anyone who disagrees with the idea and so on. So all that remains are the ultra supreme, superior minority like you’re amazing self.
Then at last you could create you’re dream fascist state and go around suppressing everyone’s freedom of speech, beliefs, action, choice, will... you know the rest.
What fun hey!? pity there’s such small number of fascist believing people like you in the world, isn’t it. Ah well you could always get a hobby. There are computer games where you can amuse yourself doing this kind of stuff in virtual reality mate! Or You could even try doing something useful for the world. Maybe even make some friends!
And don’t worry, no-ones really bothered about you’re repressed gay feelings behind your homophobic act, were all cool with that. How about this; instead of collecting people’s names and addresses, why not try some other geeky hobby like going train spotting or notate electricity post numbers. Come on, you’ve clearly got a good imagination!
Now I know it must be a hard job disguising the awareness that you are a twat with this fantasy of self idolisation as some ultrahuman white man who’s got the brave task to save the world from communists and foreign people. But keep it real mate! Were all only human.
Anyway, hope I’ve helped.
By the way, heres my address for reference…

Nat C. T’watte
The Sectioners
Shouldbe Avenue
Ray’s Sea

----- Original Message -----
From: william oconnor
Sent: Sunday, July 22, 2007 3:44 PM
Subject: Your Loose Mother

A United Ireland Is Coming wheather you like it or not you Filthy Scum, I dont care if you find my address or give my Email to your buddies let them come to me and get their Arses Kicked.
Tiocfaidh ár Lá.
Tiocfaidh ár Lá
Tiocfaidh ár Lá
Tiocfaidh ár Lá
Tiocfaidh ár Lá
Tiocfaidh ár Lá
Tiocfaidh ár Lá
Tiocfaidh ár Lá
Tiocfaidh ár Lá
Tiocfaidh ár Lá

Im not a racist Bigot If someone wants to come and work here legally and live a good life there is no reoson he can't live here. And, No I dont Believe that the British men and women were responsible for the potato famine. The famine was the result of an over dependance on the Potato crap by Farmers, which was because they were kept down and persecuted by the English Government. I do not Believe that England  was 'Directly' responsible for the Famine, but is pointless to argue that they didnt have a hand in helping it get worse, they refused to help Irish Peasants, they wouldnt repeal the Bigoted and In-humane land Ownership laws, that Made sure Catholics were kept in Poverty, and they Evicted starving Familes out of their Homes at the request of Arrogant Protostant Nobleman who could have cared less for the Sufferings of the Catholics. And I am not a 'red' infact I despise both Communism and Socialism just as much as i despise Fasism. And I fail to comprehend why you feel so threatened by poor people who want to come to your country so they can provide a better life for their families, yet you see no problem with Britain going into their countries and turning them into Colonies. You really are a Arrogant Bigoted scum.

From B&H Guestbook:

Name: Duncan Money
Topic: Redwatch 5 APPROVED

Redwatch admin (that means you Watmough – don't you run this website as well?) might have gone and made a little mistake.

Running Redwatch was easy when all it meant was copying pictures from Indymedia and threatening teenagers but then you went and posted up a picture of an INLA/IRSP drummer, and they found out.

Apparently they're not best pleased and now there is an anti-fascist blog which is offering any interested INLA/IRSP members Kevin Watmough's details. For research purposes only of course.

It goes without saying that the INLA do not support the Good Friday Agreement and have not disarmed. Recently they've been shooting drug dealers, another reason for you lot to be worried.

Ever feel you've bitten off more than you can chew?


----- Original Message -----
From: "abc" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2007 10:58 AM
Subject: Legal action

To the site administrator:

If you do not remove the photos and details of Fiona Pashazadeh and the 3 other so-called 'Coventry Reds' from your website immediately, I will take legal action against you.


----- Original Message -----
From: "G.M" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, May 25, 2007 12:22 PM
Subject: infringement of copyright

Dear Sir/Madam,
You have infringed my copyright by taking an image from my student newspaper's website without permission and displaying it on the page below:
It is photo number 5 under the "Yet more assorted red scum" section of some students protesting with green signs. Since the image is fully copyrighted to the University of York's Student Union (who own the paper)
I must ask you to remove it immediately.
I am a freelance photographer for the university andfor the local paper in York and know some very good lawyers who will intervene if you refuse to do this.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, October 06, 2006 12:03 AM
Subject: Sad bastards

Why you don't you do something a bit more constructive?
You sad bunch of twats.
A member of a communist cell living in Yeovil.
Give me a call on 01935 432832

----- Original Message -----
From: "Bobby Bobby" <>
Sent: Thursday, October 05, 2006 8:42 PM
Subject: Cunts

Listen you bigoted fucking cunts, you are trying to run a campaign of terror on people without any interest in who they are or what they contribute to society (which by the way is far more than you fascist scum bags).

Question – if you hate the people who live in this country so much and what this country has become them why don't you fuck off somewhere else or better still end your worthless shitty lives by topping yourselves?

Don't you see any irony in the fact that you are trying to terrorize the inhabitants of this country and that makes you equal to all the other terrorists out there. Oh yes, the very people you hate so much have more in common with you than you will ever know.

For your information I was actively involved in the sack Frank Ellis campaign run by Leeds University Union which you feature on your site. I am proud that the campaign I was involved in directly removed to Frank, fascist, Ellis now being unemployed and removed from preaching his racist beliefs to students. I look forward to Leeds University Unions future campaigns which will be aimed at showing you lot to be a gutless bag of shites who have no place in the modern world and getting Redwatch permanently removed from the web.

Quit your childish, shitty preaching of abhorrent bullshit and fuck of to try to make something useful of your worthless lives.

I pity your poor family's. Crawl back to the caves where you belong and shut the fuck up.

Best regards

A. Humanbeing
----- Original Message -----
From: John Bissett <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2006 10:42 PM
Subject: Your website

Hey up,
Just looked at your sad website. Since when has protesting against war and against fuckin' injustice made someone "Red"? There's probably not 1% of the people in these photos who would call themselves "socialist" or "communist". So your supporters are supposed to watch out for the people whose photos are posted on your website and... do what exactly?  Perhaps you would prefer all of these people to sport bomber jackets, jack boots, combat trousers and walk around shouting "seig heil"?
Maybe you should rename your website Protestor Watch.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Jamie M. Dagg" <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2006 7:50 PM
Subject: <no subject>

Hey ...fuck you cunts. Lets fight. Seriously. Anytime. Pick the place and I will kick your faggoty white ass. Then I will hold you down and let some black homosexual fuck you repeatedly in the ass.

Please give me a time and a place to meet you fucking pansies. See how fucking tough you are.

You will all suffer the fate of your syphilitic hero.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Grandmaster Jock" <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2006 4:59 PM
Subject: hi babe

Its just occured to me, that the way that extreme far- right groups like you survive  by attention. I don't support cunts like anal or swp because it just arouses tensions and rifts. Its obvious that far-right group won't ever get in government because there not serious. Your history always follows you....                                       


----- Original Message -----
From: "dave OHannaghan" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2006 1:17 PM
Subject: How can I help?


My life has recently become festooned with commies and I want to help with the Aryan struggle. It will probably help you to know that I have recently had a
transorbital lobotomy and am, like most members of your group, a closet queer who uses violence to hide my longing for dick!

If you ever managed to view your group from the outside you'd laugh your fucking head off.. The lack of intelligence you all display is that of a sub-species...

The above five comments arrived obviously as a result of the recent article about Redwatch in the Guardian newspaper. The Guardian is a liberal-lefty newspaper read, on the whole by  white-collar workers and the middle-classes, it's the social worker's favourite. Nice to know we've got such refined and eloquent people taking an interest in our welfare!

----- Original Message -----
From: "Flux ." <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, September 24, 2006 1:20 AM
Subject: Civility, Social Harmony and Freedom of Speech.

Dear sir,

Your website has very recently been brought to my attention by friends.

You are clearly a very passionate person who cares deeply about their cause.
  How sad, then, that your cause is something that causes me to feel so violently sick just from reading it.

I have studied your website, and your emails and frankly, I am appalled.  I am not trying to shut you down; I believe in free speech and you have the right to say whatever you wish.

However, you are quite proud to say what you believe and yet these so called "Marxists" apparently should not have that choice, in your opinion.  If you have such a problem with your names and addresses being published on websites, why do you do the same?  Are you so childish that you must do
exactly the same thing that your enemies do?

I am not a "red".  I have some left-wing beliefs, certainly.  My father wears his Anti-Nazi League tshirt with pride, and rightly so.  Nazism was a vile plague upon our planet.  "Aryan Unity" is a washed up dream of perverted sociopaths.

Interestingly enough, I wonder if it bothers you that you are not British?  There is no such this as a "true" Briton, as we are a mongrel nation.  We have been a multi-cultural society since the Roman invasion, and it continues to be.  The expulsion of anyone who is not white and so-called "British" wont change that.  What, as a Briton, do I have to be proud of?

What heritage do I have that should be celebrated?  I am from a nation of murderers, thieves, bigots, invaders and beaureacrats (unsure of the spelling of that, so I apologise), led by an inbred monarchy.  I do not concern myself with such simple matters as being British or White.  My ethnicity is human, and I am not born better than anyone else.

What does make me better than such low-life mentally deficient creatures such as yourself is that I have evolved past the point of my base genetic humanity.  I am not a Messiah, nor a born leader.  I am merely a young man with a brain.  I understand that black people are not the problem, and nor are Asians, Orientals, or "Reds".  The problem is small-minded extremists, from every angle.  Muslim, Christian, "Reds", Fascists, and indeed yourself.

The time for action should not be one of bloodshed.  I am not defending the beating of NF or BNP leaders or their families.  It is not the way this war should be fought.  However, I do not believe in your argument or ideals. 

You are a vile person whom I would gladly see wiped from the face of the earth.

I do not intend to change your views with this email, nor would I wish to.  I imagine that you'll probably post this on your "Fan Mail" section, or reply with a snide comment about me being some sort of wanker (which, by the way, if you are male, I'm sure you are too).

There is nothing "traitorous" about being a "Red" or being left-wing.  Someone who does not stand for your beliefs does not deserve death.  You may wish it, but you do not have the authority to give it.  Nobody does.

The only way to achieve social harmony is to include all aspects of society, not to banish them.  If you sadists were to get into power, I would emigrate immediately, and yet I am of the same background as yourself.  You do not stand for anything that I believe in.  It would not surprise me to see you standing in a dole queue, complaining about taxes and scamming people via benefit fraud.

Incidentally, I use hotmail because it is a free email service that allows a large enough inbox for me.  It is not a cowardly thing to do.

Yours sincerely,
Samuel Whiteley.

As democrats we have given you the right to reply in our "Fan Mail" section as requested. Have a nice day.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Patrick Taylor" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, September 24, 2006 2:07 AM
Subject: you nicked a bunch of my photos

that's ok but i take ages taking photos. it costs me a lot of money. you try taking photos of shit like that with a 50 year old medium format camera. cool yea but bloody hard. ok well, the photos below "Recent photographs taken of reds in the Manchester area." from 1 to 29 are mine. number 8 isn't even a red or whatever, he was just some guy who i took a picture of, just a dude off the street.

anways, if you are going to use my photos you could at least throw a bit of cash my way.  and why didn't you just ask in the first place?

Thanks for your letter and not being bothered that we used a few of your photographs, very nice they are as well, very well done. We are a voluntary organisation and we get by on donations ourselves but if you want to send us your address we'll happily put an appeal on Redwatch for you.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Sandra and Frank Gillespie" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2006 10:57 PM
Subject: (no subject)

As a family who have served in the armed forces, the  Metropolitan Police and other regional forces, including the Lancashire and Cumbria Constabularies we can only express our sadness at the way you represent our patriotsim. Former Police Constable, 689, force code 01XA.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, September 09, 2006 12:32 PM
Subject: You're going down

You idiots never seem to realise, we leftists have the advantage of intelligence. We will always be one step ahead of you. You sit there making your site and 'shaming' every Marxist you can, but what does it achieve? I myself am not and will never be ashmed of my Socialist morals and politics. Whilst you sit there naming us, we sit here getting the low down on people like you, and when the time comes, we will have the significant upper hand. I realise that you now have my name (as it is in my e-mail address) and you will probably try to add me to Redwatch, but as I said previously, I DON'T CARE. Add me to your pathetic site if it makes you feel better, but just remember, it's not going to make me any less active, so be warned. There are many more like me who don't like people like you or your confused, oppressive politics. So go on, add me to Redwatch, but just think whether it really matters, because when the time comes, you're gonna be up shit creek with no fuckin paddle my friend. You have been warned.

Tom Myhill


Your wish is our command but we would appreciate your address, telephone number and a nice clear photograph of yourself if possible.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Duncan Money"
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 06, 2006 5:16 PM
Subject: RE:

Hello Redwatch,

Always nice to hear from the more deranged sections of the extreme right.
You were a bit slow on this one, I already knew my details had gone up as I found out yesterday from a reliable source. If you take a look at my blog,
I'm sure you know the address, I've got a post up already as a response.


I suppose this is perhaps your way of checking this email address is valid.  Well it is. Good luck with the campaign of intimidation, it's good to see
the far right is going out of its way to try and threaten a teenager.
It's funny, when I was setting up the meeting a few right wing extremists said nothing would come of it and it wouldn't make any impact at all, I
think there's a thread up on StormFront about it, but it quite clearly has made a huge impact, and not just in Maryport. Brilliant.


Duncan Money

(It's 'Money' by the way, not 'Mooney', it's surprising how many people get it wrong)


Hello Duncan,

Thanks for your e-mail but why do you think Redwatch is threatening you? It's just an informational site after all.

Thanks for the name details, it's been corrected. Don't tell us your mate's name is Wod cos we won't believe you.

Some info' for you: We're not 'right-wing'. The so-called 'left-wing' are in fact the real 'right-wingers'. The terms 'left-wing' and 'right-wing' originate from the 'parliament' set up in France by Louis XIV prior to the revolution. In the debating chamber, supporters of the King and the status quo sat to the right and his opponents sat to the left. As the socialist/Marxists agree with multiracialism enforced on us by the ruling class (the capitalist establishment) and are supported by the organ of the establishment (the media) then it's obvious that they're the 'right-wing'.

Threatening a teenager? Not at all but bear this in mind: The first NF march I went on when I was 14 was attacked by Marxists throwing everything they could get their hands on at us. A piece of cast-iron guttering missed my head by inches and hit an elderly NF member on the shoulder. He was taken to hospital. Another time in the mid-'80s a teenage girl who was a BNP paper-seller in Leeds had a miscarriage after being kicked in the stomach while she was attacked by a mob of SWP members while selling BNP literature.
That's just a couple of stories, I'd be here all night telling you of the attacks on teenage patriots over the years by the reds.
Take a look at the 'Why Redwatch Exists' page to see why we're angry.

Redwatch Admin

----- Original Message -----
From: Alex Haylock
Sent: Saturday, August 26, 2006 1:51 AM
Subject: I'm about to rip you fuckers

Good MORNING RedWatch! So, how are you fascists doing? Can I ask a few questions? Well, since you guys are probably busy attacking the one person in your neighbourhood who gets up before oooh, about 9 o'clock, I probably don't have to ask you for a reply! I'll bet you money, that I'm just one of THOUSANDS of hate mails you receive every month! I happen to know (Having hacked your fucking poorly protected website, idiots) that I'm FAR from the only person who sends hate mail to you fuckers. See, the problem is that I'm actually more intelligent than ALL of you, and I'm now going to point out just WHY you're full of shit!
One, fuckers: You guys cherry pick your facts. Sure, Zionists control the media. But I bet you bastards also knew that the Zionists SHARE the power with lots and lots of other people! Did ya know that? Did ya? Did ya? I betcha did.
Two, equal fuckers: May seem stereotypical, but hell, you're arseholes, so I shouldn't worry! See, I know for a fact that you won't show this letter on your 'Website', so I may as well take full advantage of it. RACISM ISN'T COOL. It may well have been in your primary school, where because you hated everyone you were cool, but you know what? Out in the REAL WORLD it's just not decent, because people don't listen to you or care about you, and I'll tell you why, bringing me smoothly on to point
Three, faggots: I sense sexual tension here. Could it maybe be that you just hate blacks and Jews because in reality, you want to jumpp into bed with your MALE co-worker or manager? See, I think the only reason you made this website is to take your mind off the fact that your boss/co-worker has a nice little arse and you'd just like to squeeze t, wouldn'tcha? Wouldn'tcha? You would, you dirty, dirty boy.
You fuckers are all going to die horrific and painful deaths, and I'm going to fucking well make sure of it, arseholes. Guaranteed, Please don't forget that before writing this, I managed to contact each and every one of your individual companies (The giant MULTINATIONALS that you work for and who also employ, you know, black people, Asians, Muslims, Jews and Mormons) And managed to get your HOME ADDRESSES. Scared now? You should be, because I seriously doubt if I'll be feeling any guilt for this particular set of...disappearances  for a long time yet.


Silly twat, are you on weekend release from the funny farm?
Publish my address, it's not something that hasn't been done before, what do I care?
Hate mail? No-one sends us hate mail, you reds love our site, it's only liberal wankers in Parliament that want to shut us down.

Using 'googlemail' is typical Alex, all you reds use hotmail or some other online shit when you do have the guts to contact us.
The only reason you're contacting us I'm sure is because it's the school holidays and your favourite pastime, hanging around primary school playgrounds, is denied to you at the present moment in time. Only a week or so to go though Alex and you'll be able to get some relief.


----- Original Message -----
From: colin brown -
Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2006 8:29 PM
Subject: WTF!

how dare you!!
 i took those photos !!!
of  the Bristol Anarchist group
ok i hav some questions
1. where did u get those photos
2. if u got them off someone then who ?
3. do you even know who these guys are ?


Hi Colin,
'Your' photographs were supplied to us by a former 'anarchist' who's seen the light. Obviously we can't disclose our contact's address, that would be unethical.
We don't know who the pictures are of, except for those of our old friend Ian Bone, but if you're prepared to tell us we promise we won't tell anyone else, it'll be just between us.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Exit Left" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, August 05, 2006 2:16 AM
Subject: Fan Mail

I love the way you post up all this 'Fan Mail' as if it's some sort of crazy exposé of those crazy backwards 'Reds'. when in fact it's just a lot of peple giving really good points why you are an idiot and your cause is a disgrace.

We love Redwatch! Brightening up our days since.....well whenever some aimless tit decided he was being picked on by those nasty bigger boys.

Have fun fatty!

Cheers for the appreciative comments comrade.

Any chance of a photo' and your address and telephone number? Maybe seeing your own details on the site will brighten up your day even more?

PS Why is all our fan mail from people using hotmail or yahoo addresses, can't you use the address your IP supplies you with?

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, August 04, 2006 5:47 PM
Subject: (no subject)

Smash.loyalism smash.fascism.. one day you will grow up and realise how small minded you really are! ethnic minority's are not the enemy .YOU and your small minded rantings are you poison everything you touch.. why dont you curl up and die like that dog abusing ian stuart or whatever his name is rot in pieces.. North Armagh A.F.A
----- Original Message -----
From: Chris hankinson
Sent: Thursday, August 03, 2006 5:28 PM
Subject: Leeds Reds!

You sad sad people, I was at all the demo's but you an't got me on your watch list.
When are you going to understand (I know that "understand" is a concept that you may find difficult to grasp), that hatred of other cultures/races doesn't work and that you are a laughing stock. Most people don't even bother with you as you are so ineffectual. You may ask why do I bother?
Because it pleases me to play with such infantile people as yourselves.
May I suggest a more useful way to spend your leisure time is to protest against the real enemy – American Capitalism and it's hegemonic (look it up in a dictionary) control of world affairs.
However  I have to agree with your implied comments about the Socialist Wankers Party – what a bunch of losers, and as for Garth Frankland, he lost it years ago (did he ever have it?) .
As far as I can see the only politics you lot are capable of understanding are the politics of the pavement - and if you don't understand that reference you really are lost 
Yours in peace
p.s. If your intelligent enough you can look me up in a phone book and we can have an informed discussion, if not you have proved that you really aren't worthy of even my lowly contempt.
----- Original Message -----
From: "Sam Davidson" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2006 11:02 PM
Subject: You sicken me

You fascists sicken me to the core. You represent all that is wrong with our society. I would spend a long time explaining to you the flaw in your
ideology accept you have none. You are nothing but ignorant petty-bourgeois capitalist racists and I can only hope that you are brought to justice,
before or after the Revolution.

Sam Davidson, Marxist-Leninist, Trotskyist, Maoist, Bohemian Revolutionary AND PROUD

----- Original Message -----
From: daniel slater -
Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2006 9:55 PM
Subject: Fascist scum i HATE YOU


----- Original Message -----
From: daniel slater -
Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2006 10:01 PM
Subject: ignorent scum EVERYONE hates you

people like you(bnp,combat 18,blood and honour,kkk)..etc are too dumb to relise what your is is fucking shit which ideas are so fucknig
stupid, i am mixed race i dare you to mail me back what you think of me.........scum


Monday, July 17th, 2006 at 9:23 pm


By Skuds

The other day I noticed a surge in visits from a site called Redwatch. Surge is probably over-stating it a bit: as at yesterday I hat 16 hits from 9 different IP addresses. Not much of a surge really. More of a blip. But I thought I would head over to Redwatch to see what was attracting the crowds.

Visitors were coming from either this page or this page, sometimes from both which demostrates an astonishingly short attention span.

Anyway, Redwatch is yet another BNP production which sets out to 'expose' the sorts of filthy, nasty, antisocial people who don't want to forcibly repatriate foreigners and add queer-bashing as a sport in the London Olympics.

Mostly it contains photographs taken at demonstrations and asking Crimewatch-style if anyone recognises the demonstrators who are calling for such un-natural things as human rights. (Motto: "Any further info on the freaks below will be gratefully received.")

Latest on their list of targets is… me!

I am on their page of "London Reds", where it says:

This one's called Andrew Skudder from Crawley. His 'blog' can be viewed here.
Check the UAF and anti-BNP links.
He's a former Labour councillor and involved in the Crawley Campaign Against Racism. More details here
Skudder backed the controversial Hindu temple scheme at Apple Tree Farm in 2003.

Wow. It must have taken some really determined detective work to find a former Labour councillor with left-leaning opinions. Nice to see that bloody photo from the Crawley Observer has been scanned in and used to illustrate the piece.

Since they helpfully provide a link to two of my websites, which contain oodles of information, I am a bit puzzled about how much more information on me they might want.

I may reply and fill them in with a few extra details and corrections, like:

  • Crawley is not in London.
  • The Crawley Campaign Against Racism is probably the least militant anti-racist organisation in the country. My involvement so far has been to go to their annual social event, keep paying subs, and try to publicise what they do. However, if they were more militant I would turn up and support any demos they organised.
  • I did support the GHU temple at Apple Tree Farm, and voted for it in the planning committee. I also supported and voted for the Sikh temple at Overdene Drive, and the Sri Lankan Hindu temple in Three Bridges, and the extension of temporary planning permission for the London Road mosque. I would also support any Christian, Jewish, or Wiccan community who tried to build a place of worship, even though I am firmly atheist myself.
  • I was at several ANL marches in London in the past as well as the anti-apartheid rally in Hyde Park, the People's March for Jobs '83, and a few CND rallies, not to mention enjoying a few of the London Gay Pride marches.  And I was at the anti-poll tax rally in Trafalgar Square. I am surprised my photo does not already feature.
  • I have in the past taken time out from my own election campaigning to deliver UAF leaflets and hand them out in the Town Centre. That is probably about the most active thing I have ever done, but I am only ashamed that I have not done more.

Searchlight magazine are running a campaign to get Redwatch closed down, along with Noncewatch, Stormfront, Blood & Honour and other similar right-wing hate sites. It is tempting to ignore it. The site has so few supporters that only a handful have followed that link. I tried to look at it today and the site was unavailable due to its bandwidth allocation being used up, so maybe they have been swamped with eager nazis – or are running the thing on a shoestring.

However, there have been cases where people have had their details published there and have subsequently been attacked so it is a little more serious. I'm not worried personally: most of the hits have been from Poland and Finland and the half-dozen BNP members in Crawley are hardly C18 class, but in some parts of the country they have supporters who are as vicious as they are evil, and having sites like this incite them is somthing to be avoided, so I would encourage anyone to visit Searchlight and  join the campaign by sending an e-mail to John Reid.

I know several of my readers from around the country are active in their local parties and will be in close contact with their MP. Perhaps they will mention this to their MP and ask them to support Angela Eagle MP who spoke out about this on June 21?

As for me, if you can judge someone by their enemies then I am proud to be disliked by such total fuckwits!


Responses to “Redwatch”
Jo says:
July 17th, 2006 at 10:02 pm

You should create a badge of honour for your site :)

Skuds says:
July 18th, 2006 at 1:34 am

I should.
“As featured on Redwatch”
before you know it I will have the rest of you jealous that you are not being persecuted ;)

Danivon says:
July 18th, 2006 at 8:36 pm

Yeah, I am so jealous.

I’ve tried winding them up on an individual level (whispering ‘fascist’ at the count was a good one), but nothing.

The old man did call the police on them this year after one of their leaflet monkeys threatened him. That was the same weekend of the controversial ‘St Georges Day March’ by the BNP in town.

Mind you, I don’t see many comments coming your way.

Ketlan says:
July 18th, 2006 at 8:53 pm

Congratulations! :-) If nothing else, they’re increasing readership. They might actually learn something.

I’ve noticed the blips on the site logs at Lancaster UAF too. It’s so nice to be appreciated.

‘You should create a badge of honour for your site’
I like that. Bizarre but funny.

Skuds says:
July 18th, 2006 at 9:29 pm

Danivon, I remember a couple of years back when your old man spent the entire day at the polling station with the BNP and didn’t even acknowledge them :) Brilliant.

The amusing thing is that since I shaved my head and got 5 stone overweight I look more like a stereotype BNP’er than the local BNP do…

Danivon says:
July 19th, 2006 at 7:01 pm

I would have said that, but then when I get back from my rare visits to the barbers, so do I!

Dear Redwatch:

We the undersigned would like to know why we do not star in Redwatch?

RadkialProfit – please feel free to sign my LJ

Hi, I post in the name of Beanis, I live in manchester, my site is and, helpfully, a photograph of me is below. I bravely opposed the NF in Stoke, Oct 2nd 2004.

I am Paul B, I live in Leeds. Here is my site. I have helpfully listed my email and phone number on there too.

Feoric - I fight racists, me. Want to discuss it? Telephone: 020 7837 1688 Email:

See, we were all very silly and made our memberlist open for viewing to non-members. Than all someone has to do is scan through, looking at our personal websites and see what turns up.

More later, but for now, may I leave you with this.

A 26 page topic entitled "What do you really look like". And guess what? Some of us put our photos up for you all to drool over.

Now do we get a free listing on Redwatch or what?

----- Original Message -----
From: "Peter Williams" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, July 10, 2006 8:24 PM
Subject: Bradford Reds.

oi oi.

You assume that because someone goes to a gig at the 1in12, to enjoy whatever music they're 'freaks', 'reds' and subject to threats and intimidation from whichever people visit your website who share your beliefs. Why is this? Oh, and I've heard the unrelated sob story about your gran, so no need to copy and paste it here. It's not as if that's anything to do with misrepresenting innocent gig-goers.

Anyway, I eagerly await your

Pete Williams.

ps. I go to the 1in12, you wanna put my picture up there? Attached is a picture of my band playing at the 1in12. Break a leg!

----- Original Message -----
From: "Hate Racism" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 1:08 PM
Subject: RE: Bradford Reds

Hello there

i understand you have already been contacted regarding your Bradford redsfrom younger performers that play at the 1in12.

but i would just like to point out that most of the people you have on there are from manchester, reading, barnsley and sheffield.

also a great deal of your new additions are infact notorious for holding racist views, hence the major failure of the Event that was the "love keighley hate racism" event. the fact it was a shambolic event half organised by someone i know who is openly racist and couldn't believe he had somehow got into the position he had, and half of the bands you have added where equally amused at the irony of themselves playing at such an event.

hope this was some help

----- Original Message -----
From: josh taylor
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 12:10 AM
Subject: what a nice man you truly are.

for a kick off i am not a freak, i dont judge people on how they were born.
ie picking out someone for their beliefs. race. morals. etc is just fucking weak man, picking on someone because they are a fucking CUNT like you on the other hand is fine by me.
why the fuck dont you go die as your weak little existence is cluttering up the place.
go fuck yourself.
illeducated fucktard.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Joe Buttrick" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 6:01 PM
Subject: redwatch

hi im emailing you to express my disgust at the recent pictures you have put up from the keighley 'love music hate racism' gig many of the people who played that gig are nothing to do with communism anarchism many of them are openly racist which is why the gig was such a sham.

i dont agree with your site or ideas but at the end of the day people in this country are entitled to their beleifs i dont agree with any
organization which uses pictures and adresses of people for malicious intent this includes sites like searchlight too.

i think if you want to stay true to your cause you'd be better doing realresearch into the people you claim are 'reds'.

you've got to understand that these people are in bands and will take any opportunity to get their music heard whether it be at an anti racist gig or not this is no reason to post lies about them all over the internet

----- Original Message -----
From: "Exit Left" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 2:58 AM
Subject: Redwatch

Hi there

You don't know me, but I'd like to know how you justify your sites and it's content. I found it after reading a news article on The Register and found it very interesting indeed.

Also, and this isn't an attack, but I think your attitude throughout is rather detrimental to the overall image of you and your site. It gives the impression of a chip on the shoulder rather than actually caring about what you make out is important.

I look forward to hearing from you, very much


----- Original Message -----
From: marcus boyle <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 5:44 PM
Subject: redwatch

What gives you the right to post pictures of people on your domian without the photographers permission.
but of course! MUSIC = DAMMED COMMIES!
hey we play the 1/12 club sometimes why isnt my mugshot on your website! come on man, all my friends are on it!
in all fairness ... possibly some Radical Anti-Nazi people have attended the club but what you are doing is the same as someone explaining that "a left wing candidate walked down that street yesterday.. this obviosly means that the whole Road is teeming with Commies!"
i dont get you, truely i dont

----- Original Message -----
From: "Chris Smeaton" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 7:10 PM
Subject: I am "red"

Hey there,

Ive noticed that recently a lot of people i know have been put up on your redwatch site – most of which being wholly right wing and conservative.
There has been however a few exceptions and to be honest i feel quite left out because my friends are on your site and im way "redder" than those wannabe commies.

My names Chris Smeaton, ill post you a photo if youre interested

all the best



From: "Hate Racism" <>

To: <>

Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 2:05 AM

Subject: Re: Bradford Reds

hello redwatch

i'm am writing to fuel your hate more.

i am in a band called Random Hand ( we're a natioanally recogised band that tours fueling the youth and activists of today with hate for people like yourself.

you recently added myself and our guitarist to your site. were in pictures you chose to take from my 21st birthday party, and we're waving happily at your fellow site viewing wankers. you also have pictures of people from our good friends at the 1in12, and people from bands that perform there. half of which had no idea what the politics of the place where hardly fair for you to focus on on your website.

We however like other bands you have manged to capture, strongly hate what your supporting and what your trying to promote.

you are a wart on the face of society, and your views will only lead to more trouble and hate.

you seem to defend your views based on action from activists against racism and fascism, i do find that the use of violence is the incorect means to clarity from any side of the argument. but the people that have targeted your people want racial and personal equality. which is only a means to making life equal for everyone.

i know you probably read this thinking every word i say is shite, from the mind of a traitor. but you are the traitor. the traitor to the human race who, thinks it is more important for royal britania to be secure than the whole world itself.

you are wrong

good day to you sir

much love

----- Original Message -----
From: "Peter Williams" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2006 12:22 AM
Subject: OI

Hey fuckbag, I've actually red the communist manifesto unlike some of those on your website. Attached is a photo of me drinking tea and I expect to see it under Bradford Reds.

Cheers Hitler

----- Original Message -----
From: "Phil Alexandre" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2006 10:51 AM
Subject: Photographs on Redwatch

Hello, I don't see the point in pretending to appreciate your site whilst I write this message, so I'll make it clear now that I disagree thoroughly with the aims of Redwatch. But clearly writing you an e-mail will not stop you on your mission.

I do however have arguments against the use of some pictures in the pages of your site. It appears that at times you seem to forget the aims of Redwatch – to post details of 'reds', or communists, if you had forgotten. You now appear to use the site as a means for you to 'get your own back' on anyone who crosses your path, be they communist or innocent people.

For example, you have now written a short article about a 'cretin' from Leeds, posting the address of his business, though all he has done is speak his mind about your website. I'm pretty sure that this man will not be a communist, and you don't have a shred of evidence to say that he is. If the reason you posted his details was down to the statement regarding shutting down or overloading servers, it was clearly a joke comment.

You seem to have got so wrapped up in hating people that you believe that anyone who goes against what you say deserves to be on Redwatch, labelled a 'red'. Surely there are more fellow facists who have spoken out against you, are you going to put them on Redwatch?

Another issue is that you have pictured several people in the 1 in 12 Club in Bradford. Now this is disgusting. I am a follower of the local music scene and the only venue in Bradford to host gigs by younger bands is this poor club down a back alley in town. I've been to countless concerts in the club, and I can tell you now, for several of these the money has not gone to the owners, but directly to the bands concerned, or, in most cases, to a charity. It may also be worth noting that you do not have to be a member to
attend, so people pictured on your site could quite easily be people who have walked in from the street for the first time.

For the most part the people who attend the 1 in 12 are youths, but this does not seem to affect you in any way. Do you honestly believe that the average 14 year old will think about where his or her money is going? I doubt you do, but you still seem adament on posting pictures of them on your site, knowing that they may not be any more communist than you yourself.

And my final point is against your use of copyrighted pictures. Seriously, can you say that you got permission to use most of the photos on your page? I doubt it. You are robbing these photographers, who work hard to get the photos in question. It also reflects badly upon them to have their pictures shown on a site such as Redwatch.

I have not attacked the morals of your website, though I could quite easily write a long message about this. I have written in a civil fashion, and would a appreciate an equally civil reply.

P. Alexandre.